Saturday, 3 October 2015

Gods in Waiting

Most of us are still gods in waiting, or, like Winston, hiding behind a veil of anonymity. The potential is already there. 100 billion neurons, and many more glial cells that serve and protect those neurons, are biding their time for us to make full use of them. Each neuron fires 5 to 50 times every second forming thousands of links with other neurons. Assuming you and I possess a typical brain, we, and everyone else, is equipped with well over 100 trillion synapses—some estimate up to 1000 trillion—ready and waiting to carry out our creative will.
Now do you believe we are gods in waiting?
And we are a relatively primitive species inhabiting an insignificant planet, circling an insignificant sun, in a relatively insignificant galaxy.
Now do you believe that gods are omnipresent?

Our brains are only the means; the biological computers which, in a few thousand, perhaps million years, we shall learn how to use their full capacity. Today few of us even know that we have a biological computer programmed to run our biological systems, to take us through the kindergarten of our Becoming.

Looking back, there is only one way to learn.
We must sublimate our ego to the Life Force that brought us from theoretical ideas to human forms. Once we were an idea that became a thought, which became a word. And then—as the ancients expressed it in their uniquely poetic way—“the word was made flesh”.

It seem that we can only advance on the evolutionary scale if we accept that we are only the means for the Universal Consciousness to do Its bidding through us. Some of us achieved a vague awareness that this Consciousness had chosen to individualize Itself through countless units, such as you and I, and innumerable other Individualizations peppered throughout the infinity of the Universe.
In saecula saeculorum?
And imagine… in order to improve the product of Its creation Individualized Consciousness chooses to spend fragments of eternity within an ephemeral biological construct, which will soon be recycled into the vortex of other energies of which the phenomenal reality consist.

Winston Smith had an inkling of that. He knew that it is not the physical activity he performed on Earth that mattered, but the degree to which his awareness grew towards its ultimate potential. He knew that personal humility was directly proportional to the inexplicable grandeur that manifested through him. He chose to serve his time on Earth in a manner that would least interfere with his principal purpose.
He’d chosen to serve those who already showed early signs of the Potential stirring within them. And when he assured himself that his charges were facing the right direction, he moved on to higher realms, on the endless road of creative endeavour.
For him, the worlds were truly without end. Perhaps the same is true of you. Let me know. Starting with Book One of the Winston Trilogy would help you to know him better.

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