Sunday, 18 October 2015

An Inquiry into the Nature of Being

I’d written three volumes of Essays, 52 of them in each book, some time ago. I covered a multitude of subjects, so that some of them are bound to share your interests.  Now and then I peek at them, and to my utter surprise I find them, repeatedly, as up-to-date as they were on the days I wrote them. After a little while I discovered the secret of their longevity.
It seems that we do not learn new things, as much, as we remember knowledge, which is anchored deep in our subconscious. There is a reason for that.

Albert Einstein assured us that in this world nothing can be created or destroyed. All the realities are simply recycled. There is neither beginning nor end to this process. Under the circumstances there is a good chance that whatever we ‘discover’ and treat as new in our present phenomenal life, we probably experienced before, in one of the countless incarnations, perhaps in different forms, on different planets, in different universes.
That is the problem with infinity. Even as the Universe, it has neither beginning nor end. However, for this to be true, we must not only accept Einstein’s premise, but also accept that there are energies of much greater rates of vibrations, which would not be destroyed when the phenomenal realities undergo renewal. Also, for the Universe to be truly universal, its fundamental nature must be vibrating at a rate not slower than the velocity of light. Then, surely, it would be omnipresent.
Furthermore, everything in nature seems to operate in cycles. There are the seasons, the days and nights, nature continually renewing itself, in cycles, on and on and on…
Could we, you and I, be and do the same?

Even then Einstein had given us a helping hand. He affirmed that there is no matter. He insists that all is energy, in permanent flux; all energies at different rates of vibrations, eternally metamorphosing themselves into different forms. Ad infinitum.

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