Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Mystery of the Subconscious

We often talk of soul, yet seldom if ever two people would define soul, their soul, in the same way. In fact, soul is nothing more than sum-total of your or my memories of our existence in the phenomenal reality. Soul is no less and no more than a magnificent memory storage device, which is partially in our genes, and wholly, completely, and absolutely in our subconscious.
Subconscious is our individualized soul.
We might call it the eternal past.
Yet even as the computer’s memory (ROM) is not the same as anyone who uses such a device, so our subconscious is not the Consciousness that is guiding (or using) it. It is not the “I AM”, or the Individualized Consciousness abiding in the eternal present. Nor is it the self-aware user of this incredible storehouse of all that ever happened to the person who produced those memories.
Hence, please, do not delude yourself any longer. You too are an ephemeral vortex of energy. Whatever you call It, I AM is not made of flesh and blood, but of energies still unknown to us.
And yet…?
And yet I cannot help dreaming that in the fullness of time I shall become aware of the “word which was made flesh”—a biological robot which serves the I AM. Whatever that is. Whatever I am.

And there’s the rub, and the Old Bard would say. While the memory storage is complete in every respect, the user of that memory is anchored to it. In whatever reality I AM finds Itself, such reality is made up of all the events that already happened in the past. Heaven and Hell are both of our own making, and are made up of such memories, which in those realities, momentarily, revert to original or temporal actuality. I AM abides in the countless realities of It’s own creation until it chooses to “return home” merging with the Singularity, and forsaking It’s individuality.
But it starts with the subconscious. You might call it the first heaven.

And these are the realities to which our hero gained access. Just for a while. It wasn’t easy. He had to leave his physical body to enter bodies vibrating at higher rates. He smashed his car into a lamppost to do that. “Don’t try this at home”, as they say. Your time will come. Only now, if you read this book, you will be prepared for what’s coming. Read it. You might need it.

This what some people said about NOW:

“This is a story of how a mind can be set free to roam infinite space where time does not exist...” (K. Jones, author).

“Now - Being & Becoming is an invaluable piece of literature.” (C.J. Good, author).

“This deceptively readable book, compels attention for it is multi-layered, a love story without sentimentality, a philosophy without striving for definitions or qualifications, a thriller, and for a reader a compelling page-turner.” (Philippa Rees, author).

See if you agree. Let me know. 

A Love Story

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