Monday, 20 August 2012

Within and Without

There is a single most fundamental difference between the 'religious' and "beyond religious" relationship to reality. Those who conform to religions, always externalize the divine. They invariably place their ‘god’ up there, somewhere in the clouds.
This is probably the saddest part of religions. They also assure everyone of the necessity of suffering (Buddha didn’t help in this), of heaven being some nondescript location in the esoteric cosmos, of the existence of eternal hell, or heaven for that matter, and last but not least, assuring everyone that they are all incurable sinners for which their most merciful loving God will punish them with eternal damnation.
I wouldn’t believe in such a horrid god if you paid me, nor would I want to settle for an “ever-after” in a heaven where for all eternity I’d be bored to tears, if only I had eyes to excrete them.
Contrary to all this religious propaganda (sorry padres and madresses), none of the above has anything at all to do with the teaching of the man they call their saviour.  When accused of blasphemy of calling himself the “son of god”, Yeshûa replied simply that all who do the will of god are, by psalmist’s definition, children of god. And, he hastened to assure them, the “scriptures cannot be broken”. I never heard a single priest asserting this truth.
The saviour part comes from Yeshûa’s name, which in Hebrew simply means: “Jah is salvation”. Or, to put it in our lingo, the god within is the only god that can save you. And the god within, it has been established, is I AM.
We have all been bamboozled for 2000 years. Please, please, let us wake up. We are all children of the “most high”, who is not up there, somewhere, but tries hard to be recognized within you and me, within our hearts. The “most high” refers to an elevated state of consciousness, not to the moon or distant planets. Please read the original, not the twisted half-truth perpetrated by career-oriented clergy. And since you and I, are individualized states of consciousness, the “most high” is our ultimate potential.

My mother spent 100 years in her body being a “good Catholic”. She was also a good person, doing good for others. No priest ever told her that the material world was set on automatic, nor that the will within her was the most powerful force in the universe; nor that to leave her body she had to identify with that power within, and that, in fact, this power is divine. No one told her any of that. And I, at the time, didn’t know it either.
She spent the last three years of her ‘life’ flat on her back, periodically in her own excrement. She deserved better.
I once wrote a book about it. It is called The Gate, subtitled “Things my Mother told me”. You’ll find sadness but also humour in it; and an inexplicable smile. Her smile. Yes, she could smile even then.
If you want to avoid her fate, I suggest you read it. It might help. 

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