Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Nothing, absolutely nothing, can exist in ‘heaven’ unless it was formed on ‘earth’. Or on any other physical, ‘material’ planets that proliferate the material universes. This is what, unfortunately, Peter had failed to explain to Paul. 
Heaven, like Hell, is nothing more than a state of consciousness. To give it substance, we must create it. It must be created from that which originates in the source of infinite potential, and then split into an illusion of duality. It is the duality that ultimately gives the intangible source a tangible reality, at least in our consciousness, a reality that can be experienced again and again. This is why the master of reality, Yeshûa, is reputed to have said: “I would that you were cold or hot”.
He was advocating duality.
He was referring to the necessity of the material world in which we, the sole-creators of heaven, must live fully, must immerse ourselves in the life of the material universe completely, and live lives filled with new experiences, yet always knowing the none of it is real. What we are really doing is enriching our consciousness. Finally, while immersing ourselves in ‘materiality’, we must never forget that this is not our true home, that here we are merely passers by.

Light is white, yet aren’t all colours contained within it? Dualistic reality is what prisms to do light. The same is true of everything that emerges from the source (you can think of it as the unconscious). Only when split into its infinite diversity can we fully appreciate its richness.
There is another problem. While we are all individualizations of the Omnipresent Consciousness, let us never forget that at a higher level of perception the concept of ‘you’ and ‘I’ tends to diminish, if not actually disappear. This is a little hard to understand, but by making the material reality a ‘better’ place, we enhance the inner reality for everyone. Some say that is the only reason why we were born: to make this a better place. Now we know why.
Nevertheless, each time we enhance the material reality, we enhance our own ‘private’ home (our subconscious) that some call heaven. It is our individualized way of looking at reality that makes the heaven ‘private’. Not the consciousness itself. The riches are available to all, but not all can perceive them.
Does this make things any clearer?
And of one thing we can be quite sure. People who spend endless hours ‘praying’, or, I am sorry to say, who keep running to their churches, are wasting their lives. That is not why they were born.

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