Sunday, 12 August 2012

The Final Frontier

To paraphrase Cpt. James T. Kirk, sooner or later we must all: “boldly go where few men have gone before.” Actually, we’ve all been there—we just don’t remember. And the Final Frontier is not space. It is Consciousness—endless, infinite, timeless, enchanting state of consciousness. Vaster than space, older than time, more beautiful than cosmos itself.
Consciousness: the realm of the gods.
It is also our ultimate playground. We, all sentient creatures, are created to explore its infinite scope. Within its boundless realm we, individualizations of the Omnipresent Consciousness, can claim our rightful place, to rule over the contribution we’ve made by adding self-awareness to its endless attributes.  Within its scope, we are gods.

In my Essay Beyond Religion I, I outlined three phases through which man goes in order to go “where few men have gone before”. The phases are called the Kindergarten, the School, and finally the University. It is only in phase three that man becomes fully aware to his potential. You might say, he comes alive, or as Buddha would say, he comes awakened. Contrary to popular belief, phase three is not the end but the beginning of life. Real life. Life of the awakened consciousness that resides within us.
When reaching this phase, we embark on our own, individual journey that has been promises us in the Age of Aquarius. We shall henceforth water our own Garden of Allah. For members of other faiths, Allah simply means The God. Perhaps the prophet was referring to the same consciousness which Yeshûa called Jah, pronounced Yah, the poetic form of Yahweh, the Existing One. The I AM THAT I AM. The Self within.

You can find the Essay in Beyond Religion I, available on both Amazon (Kindle), and Smashwords (for practically all the other e-reading instruments). You can decide yourself which phase you have reached. 

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