Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Folly of Good and Evil

There are no such things as good and evil in their own right. These are traits assigned to the imagined states of consciousness, which reside in duality. Traits of the world that is not real; to the material world, which some of us will remember, is predominantly empty space.

Even those who follow primitive religions hold that ‘god’ is omnipresent. How could there be evil? If god is good, then good, too, must be omnipresent. And most people following different religions insist that god is good. Or, some just believe in Omnipresent Universal Benevolence.
Thus evil exists only in our minds, in our imaginations, but it has no tangible reality. Talks about devil or Satan are there to scare the insubordinates of various religions into subservience. But, if god is within us, how can we obey any other authority?
And anyway, an expert in the field, Yeshûa, once said: “The father (god) judges no man”. Ooops! ALL the ‘Christian’ churches, religions, sects missed that one! That’s a mighty big OOOPS!
Will they have to start again? From scratch?
Good only counts if it’s good for us, individually. And usually, it is only good for us if we do ‘good’ for others. A vicious circle?
There is a way out.
 The day we no longer recognize the difference between ‘us’ and ‘them’, we will have arrived. Whatever we do for ‘them’, we do, in fact, for ourselves. Hence “loving your enemy” is a very, very simple manner to achieve this end.

Slowly, yet inexorably, we all advance toward awakening. We are gradually learning who we really are. Once there, once we see the “truth which sets us free”, imagined ‘evil’ looses its raison d’être.
That’s a promise. 

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