Friday, 10 August 2012

Heaven or Hell

I’d already written two essays on the subject of creativity (it deserves a book), but I’ll try to stay under 500 words.
The starting point is that everything already exists in its potential form. It is neither good nor bad, it is equally available to all who seek it. You might call it an inexhaustible building material of reality. In human terms, we’d call this Source the Unconscious, or the Universal Consciousness. In order to ‘create’ something new, all we need do is to bring it out into the subjective reality, then proceed to give it form in order to share it with others—in order to make it objective. But it is our memory storage that will determine whether we shall create heaven or hell from our creative endeavours.
On occasion our bodies have been compared to biological computers. We can compare our conscious and subconscious memories to computer terminology of ROM and RAM. We are, however, much more advanced computers then those we are attempting to construct in our image.
RAM, Random Access Memory, is where our programs which we use all the time are stored. This could be compared to our conscious awareness, where we keep all the useful information for instant recall. We continuously add and alter our memories here, and save them automatically for possible future use. The difference is, however, that everything which our senses (read sensors) perceive is stored at our subliminal level, just in case we might need it. As such, our consciousness can be compared to the Hard Disk.

ROM, Read Only Memory, is where we can add, but cannot alter what is stored there. It can be compared to our subconscious. The data is permanently committed to memory and as such it is what we take with us on vacating our bodies (some call it dying). Once committed to the subconscious, the data cannot be removed, erased, or edited. It is there and we are stuck with it. That is why both heaven and hell have been compared to permanent states of consciousness. Expressions such as “for ever and ever” come to mind, although a single ‘ever’ would probably last just as long.

It bears mentioning that once we vacate our physical enclosures (bodies), the ROM, or the subconscious become available to us as consciousness. All the memories we have stored in all our reincarnations are then available to us as though they all happened just yesterday. Hence, it is of vital importance that we store only such memories as we wish to enjoy for… ever. Once committed to the subconscious they cannot be erased. Under such circumstances the best we can do is to assure that we store an overwhelming preponderance of memories that we wish to spend eternity with. Then we can truly say that we are in heaven.
The alternative has been best put some 2000 years ago:  …whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap”. Or as Newton would say, “To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction”. Oh, and that reminds me, the same applies to actions by women.

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