Saturday, 4 August 2012

The Dangers of Ego

So what of our ego, of our personality?
That’s easy. We’re proud of what makes us different, what sets us apart from each other. That’s fine, as long we enrich the reality in which we have our becoming. As long as we make the world a better place. As I wrote some time ago, the world is set on automatic. Within the physical laws of the universe we enjoy free will to do almost anything we want. Only we must make sure we known what the laws of the universe are. The last time I looked the theoretical physicists were still trying to define them.
I don’t blame them. They say the universe has been around (and round and round) for some 14.6 billion years. Give them another 100 years, and they will double that number. Then triple, and so forth. They can only determine the age by what they can see, and, let’s face it, they don’t see much. Not yet. Copernicus and Galileo only began ‘seeing’ a few hundred years ago.
As for defining the ‘final’ size of the universe, I doubt they ever will. As for universal laws, well, the universe is so indescribably huge that there is no reason why there shouldn’t be variations of laws in certain parts of it. And secondly, the universe is in a continuous state of flux. Everything in dualistic (material) reality is subject to unremitting, ongoing change. I don’t mean that the universe is merely expanding, but new galaxies are constantly formed, old ones die, a multitude of Biggish Bangs takes place simultaneously all over the place (they call them supernovae), and the light (photons) proving me right will probably reach us a few million years from now.
In the cosmic vastness of space, no two microseconds are alike. Remember how far light can travel in a single second? You’ve got it—186,000 miles in a single second. Second. Not minute, not hour, but second. And so does every photon in the universe.
So what can our ego do? What can we, who define ourselves as personalities, as men or women proud of what makes us different from each other do?
I repeat, we can do anything we want. After all, isn’t that what we are doing? We are competing with rabbits in a race to overpopulate our planet (and winning). We out-eat pigs, competing for unparalleled universal obesity. We kill, and steal, and do all sorts of unsavory things, against the advise of countless teachers who, over generations, got a glimpse of truth. Yet, they have been ignored. Still are. And our efforts create realities that we shall, one day, call heaven—personal, made to measure, heaven.
Good luck!
And please, let us not expect any help from ‘above’, or wherever we place the omnipresent consciousness, which some of us probably don’t admit exists.
As I said. Physical universe is set on automatic.

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