Sunday, 26 August 2012

Nightmares a Foretaste of Tomorrow

Each time a man or a woman draws a gun on TV—in entertainment—they diminish our concept of the value of biological life. They diminish the value of the greatest gift the omnipresent consciousness evolved for us. They diminish our concept of becoming to meaningless entertainment.
The universal law holds that ignorance of law is no excuse for breaking it. Hence nightmares.
Nothing is eternal except consciousness. It is intangible and thus it cannot be destroyed. Nevertheless, people who diminish the incredible gifts that the benevolent universe has showered on us are likely to be subject of aeons of nightmares. Real or imagined killers, for whatever reason, will face ongoing nightmares of their own making. This fact should be enough to stop killing.
Because we still don’t understand the concept of true reality. The fact that an actor pretends to kill a human body is of little consequence. It’s what it does to our minds, to our state of consciousness that matters. Pretending to kill is as deadly to the purpose of biological life as physical death itself. What matters is not what happens to our bodies, but to our minds. And those seem to enjoy death.
And death, mental death, plunges us into stasis.

But… let’s face it, not many believe such contentions; and this in spite of thousands who have already experienced the foretaste of nightmares in their sleepless nights.
We like to pretend to kill people, on TV or in the movies. It’s such fun, isn’t it? After all, as Arnold Schwarzenegger once explained, “it’s just pretending”.
Well, in heaven that’s all there is. ‘Pretending’ is the only game in town: the only reality. Whatever is in our consciousness becomes our reality. And that includes wholesale murder, no matter how entertaining.
The problem is, again, that we cannot kill our consciousness. If we enjoy murder, crime, stealing, rape, perversions, and so on, and so forth, all these experiences become anchored in our subconscious. And later, after we leave our body, there is only one reality. The reality that we have created while enjoying all those juicy, bloody tidbits on TV. Sooner or later we shall learn that whatever we store in your subconscious becomes very real in our future. As Yeshûa said, “the father judges no man.” We do a great job of it ourselves. We are the sole judges of our actions. We alone bear the consequences.

And we are immortal. Future will last a very long time. And whatever we see on TV, is recorded, forever, in your subconscious. Be it heaven or… hell.
Our salvation does not lie in the words of any preacher but in our own, personal, convenient, remote control. We can either use it or pay the piper. No matter who blows pipes—angels or devils.
It’s our choice.

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