Thursday, 2 August 2012

The Straight and Narrow (Part Three, conclusion)

[Please note, to enjoy Part Three, you should read Part One and Two of this blog first].

When we succeed, we not only gain access to the totality of our memories stored in our subconscious, but also we do so in full command of our awareness. We retain not only control of our senses, but such are enhanced beyond any expectations we may have had. We can smell a rose a mile away, touch the clouds… if we so choose.
Furthermore, as our subconscious stores our memories all the way back from our primordial stages when our awareness was limited to that of an amoeba, and through all the evolutionary stages in-between up to our present incarnation… within our ‘heaven’ we can fly, visit the depth of the deepest ocean, and perform all tasks, which only some members of today’s, or yesterday’s, animal kingdom can or could perform. Even distant stars are but a blink away. A ‘fantasy’ based on the above theme is illustrated in my novel NOW—Being & Becoming.
It bears mentioning that within the reality of the subconscious, we enter the realm in which we are beyond limitations of time and space.

So why do we need beta waves that define our physical reality? We must temporarily detach ourselves from heaven to gather new experiences, which will enrich the heaven we’ve created, and continue to create, until we decide that “we need go out no more”. However, I doubt anyone would choose to do so. Surely, those who achieved relative perfection would join us here, on earth, to help us along the way. They did in the past. The Buddhists call them Bodhisattvas.
According to the expert in the field who went under the name of Yeshûa, only the omnipresent consciousness (he referred to as ‘father’) is perfect, and ‘he’ always remains in potential form (“my father is in spirit”). It seems that once an actual definable form is achieved, such is limited by the characteristics of whatever it became. Let us never forget that there are as many heavens as there are conscious beings aware of them. Any creature, any “individualized unit of consciousness”, possessing the subconscious, is building its heaven.
Every creature. Even before it becomes aware of what it is doing. Long before.

The amazing thing is that we can all learn to gain access to this exalted state through this narrow gate. It takes time and practice. And, of course, we have to define our priorities in ‘earthly’ life. If we concentrate solely on material reality, sooner or later we shall have to leave it, and all its trappings, behind. All we take with us is our state of consciousness.
Yet… only a few find it.
What’s even more amazing is that most, the vast majority of us, seem to deny the narrow gate even exists. Never mind the Bible; never mind science; never mind proof of thousands who found it.
 It’s too much effort to learn?
Yet, every single one of us can find it. If we try. If we keep seeking. And… we don’t need any religion to find it. Neither Buddha nor Yeshûa ever went to church, yet, they both found it. We didn’t believe them either. 
Not much has changed in the last few thousand years. 

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