Monday, 6 August 2012

Origins of Material Reality

 Let us pretend that the compendium of knowledge people call the ‘Bible’, which really means ‘the books’, is not a mambo-jumbo compiled for the benefit of people who want to create religions, but rather the sum-total of what the ancient people put together to define reality as they saw it.
Part of their knowledge came from observation, part from inspired ‘thinking’, or ‘listening’, rather as Albert Einstein did when he claimed to have visualized the universal forces as “muscular shapes”.
The first few verses attributed to Moses, in the book referred to as Genesis, is a good example how this happened. I’ll attempt to give the original meaning, before it was distorted by others bent on controlling other people’s minds.
“In the beginning god created heaven and earth”.
The word ‘god’, in Hebrew “objects of worship”, is plural. So much for monotheism. In my view (please come up with your own), Moses having no idea how to express his visions was referring to the creation of duality, or the potential for the subconscious and the conscious reality presumably ensuing from the unconscious—from the indefinable “objects of worship”. There was nothing there, (void and without form), but an infinite ocean of the mind—in search of self-awareness?
“And god said let there be light.”
This is where the scientists took off on their own angle. According to Moses, energy preceded matter. No big bang, no special definition of any matter, but energy. Light.
An infinite ocean of a diversity of wavelengths.
Or… you can stick to big bang! One can but wonder what would scientists come up with if they took the biblical premise into their theoretical considerations. Alas, they dismiss the Bible as mambo-jumbo.
For those who read some of my books know that the visible light, which human eye can perceive, is but an infinitesimal part of the totality of light that, even now, permeates the universe. Omnipresent vibrations of massless waves… it begins to sound like the ‘string’ theory.
If we continue to analyze the Bible in a similar way, we shall find that it contains more scientific knowledge than present-day scientists would care to admit.
Parenthetically, I must add that in biblical symbolism, ‘light’ often represents knowledge (as in my novel Alexander, of the Alexander Trilogy). Thus, if you prefer, you can accept the omnipresence of knowledge (consciousness?). Your choice. I doubt this would make the scientists any happier.

This is not a dissertation in defense of the Bible, but an attempt to open the gates to a fount of knowledge lying there, dormant, protected from ‘unholy’ (meaning still dead or un-awakened) eyes, by a veil of symbolism. The same can be said of Esoteric Buddhism by H.P. Blavatsky, who tried to do raise the veil of other sources of knowledge ignored by ‘scientists’ with equal passion.
If we are to free ourselves from the pathological need of priesthood to impose their interpretation of various scriptures on the gullible, mentally lazy people, then we must make an effort. Freedom, as we have learned in recent political events in Iraq, Afghanistan, and all countries undergoing the so-called “Arab Spring”, cannot be imposed but must be earned. The same can be said of mental freedom. My Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism can help in this endeavour. But only if one makes an effort. Otherwise the wisdom of the ancients will remain lost. If anyone does choose to venture upon the road of discovery, they will soon learn that they have taken the first step towards the new era, namely the Age of Aquarius. The beginning of building your own state of consciousness. Your own heaven. As glorious as only you can make it.
Good luck. 

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