Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Why Longevity?

I’m still trying to decide if longevity is a reward or a punishment for the choices we make in life. If, according to religionists, long life delays our departure for heavenly pastures (that’s where the sheep go), then it’s nothing to be hoped for. If, on the other and, our behaviour pattern gravitates towards forthcoming hell, then, indeed, long life is to be hoped for. I tend to agree with the premise that only the good die young.
One seldom meets a person who wishes to terminate his or her lives without the cause being a severe case of depression or at least, a hard to endure pain. We don’t see happy people looking for ways to die. Their bodies may be decrepit, literally falling apart, yet most people seem to cling to the remnants of vitality within their collapsing frames for reasons that do not make sense. There is also the near-genius category, like Steven Hawking, whose physical deformities do not seem to upset him. He obviously knows something we don’t, and I am not talking about theoretical physics or cosmology. I mean the secret of life.
Our determination to cling to biological existence is referred to as Instinct of Self-Preservation. And most of us insist that the ‘self’ is worth preserving. If so, shouldn’t we at least define what we mean by ‘self’? If ‘self’ is our physical body, then it’s a Sisyphean effort to protect it. Perhaps we ought to not worry about tomorrow and enjoy the day.
Carpe diem and To Hell with Burgundy!
Life is a terminal disease, and regardless of the Catholic Church’s assertions, it affects everybody.
On the other hand, if our ‘self’ is only ‘encapsulated’ in our bodies, through which we can experience the excitement of becoming, then we ought to look after our ‘envelop’ with due care, to gather as many experiences as we can.
Our choice.
In one of my essays, the subject is discussed further. The book is Beyond Religion II, the essay is titled: “Organized Matter”. There is a lot to consider.

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