Friday, 15 February 2013

The most important Chapters

First came the WALL—Love, Sex, and Immortality. In case you haven’t guessed, the novel is about love, sex and immortality. Tada! Seriously, the three are intrinsically interconnected. The WALL is now Book One of the Aquarius Trilogy. Book Two (work in progress), the Pluto Effect, describes the effect if the trio (love, sex, and immortality) is out of balance.
The first two chapters are most important. An author must not only grab the attention of the reader, but also sustain it long enough to make him/her want to continue reading.
My subject matter is not easy. It is, as always, the matter of the many and the few. As in my novel Peter and Paul. We must never forget that we are all in the same soup. That in the ultimate sense, we are One. We need to look after the masses of people from which the few might emerge—the few who might choose to advance towards immortality.
We are all indispensible—every single one of us.
On the other hand, while a single spermatozoon succeeds, about 50 to 100,000,000 sperm go to waste at each ejaculation (sorry ladies). That’s about how many of us make it to the next step. No matter, the potential of immortality is inherent within all of us. Only most of us are not aware of it.
And that’s what it’s all about. About being aware. About the state of consciousness. About knowing who is the elusive I AM.

Pluto symbolizes the forces that cleanse the status quo to make room for the better. Remember the parable about putting new wine into old skins? The same is true about new ideas. In fact, that’s what new wine symbolizes. New ideas. New states of consciousness. To make room for them, “Pluto” gets rid of the old.
The problem I have to solve in my novel is not only how to get rid of the old, but how to save the human race from destroying itself. After all, we still need the masses from which, eventually, a new Chopin, van Gogh, Rodin, a new Shakespeare or other genius will emerge. Perhaps a new Saint Francis from some other town. Also, in Part Three of the Aquarius Trilogy, the Seventh Race, I have to foresee a state of consciousness that is as different from ours, today, as we are from our forefathers some 2500 years ago—the previous Zodiac. And that also goes for technology.
Please, wish me luck. I need it!

Nevertheless, my wife tells me that the first two chapters of the Pluto Effect are very promising. I hope that she, and you, will like the remaining twenty-two or so. And then, there is Part Three, of course… if I live that long!
Thus I wish you all  to “live long and prosper”, so that one day you’ll enjoy the foretaste of the future in my Pluto Effect and, still later, the Seventh Race.

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