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It all depends what we ask for. If we realize that Yeshûa’s teaching is concerned only with our state of consciousness, with our real Self, then we can’t go wrong. If, on the other hand we follow the advise of various religious leaders, including most TV evangelists, who advocate the welfare of our body and earthly goods, then we may be in for a big disappointment.
To each his own. And her own, of course.
And there is no denying that the word “prayer” comes from Latin meaning to “ask” or “beg”, but in essence, the purpose of prayer is to raise our state of consciousness. Without having done so, our chances of success are dismal.
What really amazes me is why Christians build all sorts of very expensive churches, basilicas and other places of “worship”, when the teacher they claim to follow, Yeshûa, gave precise instructions on how we are to conduct our prayer.
“When thou prayest, he said, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.
Tell that to any priest, padre, or preacher, or recently TV nuns, and they’ll all probably tell you to go to hell. Perhaps they all serve a different master? They most certainly ignore Yeshûa’s instructions. Some of us appear to pray openly, and, if by sheer accident successful, we seem to squirrel our rewards from public eye, let alone taxing authorities’ greedy fingers.
We can do it the way the sacerdotal society tell us, or the way Yeshûa’s way. I put my money on Yeshûa.

There is another aspect to Yeshûa’s instruction. In biblical symbolism “thy closet”, our house, or any place we live in, represents or symbolizes, our state of consciousness. By advocating us to enter our closets when praying, Yeshûa is attempting to tell the simple people of his day to enter their “inner self”. Today we would say: “to generate in oneself alpha brain-waves, within which lies a narrow gate through which we can access our subconscious.”
This condition, per force, “shuts the door” to our waken consciousness, to the physical reality. We are now in the realm inaccessible to most people, and certainly near-impossible to enter when in a group of singing worshipers, probably performing, simultaneously, a mild form of rhythmic exercise. The whirling Sufis had some success with this method, but I haven’t heard of anybody else. In a crowd it is next to impossible to detach oneself from mundane reality.
The alpha waves represent the inner chamber, the closet, within which lies the gateway to our subconscious, this gigantic powerhouse of knowledge. If we succeed in entering this condition, that which we desire will have a great chance of being manifested in our lives.
Try it. It works for me.

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