Saturday, 9 February 2013

The Day of Rest

Sunday is the day of rest. The ancients had a habit of using numbers to symbolize various states of consciousness. Seven was a  “divine” or “perfect number”, therefore they decided to have seven days in a week. Also, realizing that people need a day of rest, they called the last day Sunday, when you could lie in the sun all day and do nothing much. As this day of rest was preceded six days of labour, six was associated with work. While the divine could snap His/Her fingers and have things done, while humans had to work, six became associated with work, and everyone knows that most people have to work like the devil to make a living. Hence if you really worked hard, you could claim the number 666 and pretend you’re the devil himself. Or herself. A lady I know told me that there is no sex discrimination among the devils.
It actually makes a bit of sense. 
Later people took liberties with the idea. They made 666 the Number of the Beast from the sea. (They hated work). At least, John did in his Book of Revelations. Other “scholars” believe that Emperor Nero was associated with 666, because his name when transliterated into Greek, the lingua franca of the day, retains the value 666. There is an awful lot of such nonsense fulminating among the “scholars”.
In fact the perfect or divine “seven”, or the “laborious six”, has little to do with work or beast. It is perfectly reasonable to let people rest once in seven days, especially if they worked a lot, not just 6 but 66, let alone 666 days.

The Hebrews had a different method of work ethic. They began their day in the evening of the previous day. The reason was that, regardless of the day of the week, if you plant an idea in your head in the evening, then your subconscious works on it throughout the night, and come morning you can pick up on it and actually know what you are doing. The reason is, of course, that at night you have access to the “divine”, to your subconscious, which is the greatest library of knowledge ever devised on this earth or anywhere else.
That is exactly how I write my books, my blogs, my articles. I do a lot of research, then plant it all in my memory, and go to sleep. Next morning the idea is ready to develop. In a way it already is developed. Try it. Not everyone will understand this method but if you do, your creativity will double. Or triple. Or be multiplied seven times.
A tip.
It’s good to plant a few words of your intended work on the screen. It might change completely next morning, but the idea will be anchored in this, the conscious, reality. Only don’t be surprised if some of your ideas will be out of this world.
It’s works like magic. Or like the divine?

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