Sunday, 3 February 2013

South of the Border

Somebody once said that faith is what links us together, religion—what sets us apart. The same thing can be said of men trying to impose their will on nature. There is no border between Canada and the USA. The same forests, fields, rivers flow uninterrupted, while people, who reputedly are all created in the same image and likeness, draw borders to set us apart.
Not to politicians. Perhaps they are of little faith, or confess to a different religion. Different set of ethics or a different moral code? No, it’s not that either. Sure there are some slight differences, but no greater than we, Canadian, have between various Provinces, or our neighbors between their various States. The Canada—United States border, officially known as the International Boundary, is 8,891 kilometers (some 5,525 miles) long, and draws an imaginary line keeping very similar if not identical people apart. For countless millions of years nature has failed to do what people appear to have done in just a few hundred years. For whose benefit (other than the politicians’), I am yet to discover.
In places, some of this imaginary line runs through the middle of a village, or a small town, making a distinction between ‘us’ and ‘them’. Like two identical aliens staring at each other, then going to share a pint of ale.

What would happen if all the politicians, the Canadian House of Parliament and the US Upper and Lower Houses would disband? Apart of saving countless billions of taxpayers’ money, would the barriers, sorry, the “boundaries” collapse? Would we recognize that we, the people, share a great deal more than what keeps us apart—if anything?
Are we not all people, virtually all immigrants, from various parts of the world where the boundaries, let alone languages, keep people apart to an even greater degree?

Is there really such a great difference between religions and politics? True, most politician don’t wear funny hats, or suits that set them apart, but other than that, don’t they all preach the same gospel of strife and division?
“Saints and sinners?”  “Us and them?”
Thank heaven we all remain united by faith. In belief in the intrinsic goodness of mankind; in generosity, friendliness, kindness, perhaps even in love, the unconditional type that makes us help each other regardless of which side of the border we reside or were born.
Yes. Most of all in love.

By the time this is published, My wife and I will be South of the Border. I have deep faith that my neighbors will prove me right, assuming they don’t wear funny hats or officious looking uniforms, which set them apart. Although, when you really get to know even them, they too sound human, even if some of them seem determined to hide this fact.
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