Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Real Thing

There is an overwhelming conviction among the masses of the faithful that the great masters of the past, including Yeshûa, came to Earth as anointed Avatars, to create a religion. No matter how we define the system of faith, nothing could be further from the truth. My novel Yeshûa—Personal Memoir of the Missing Years of Jesus illustrates this thesis.
Although the book is, by my own admission “only” a novel, I did extensive research on which I base my contention. I am backed up by the evangelist Luke (2:52) who states that: “Jesus increased in wisdom and stature and in favour with God and man”. Not a “ready made Avatar” but “increased” in wisdom and stature. In this reality we all must earn our standing. Even Yeshûa.
Next, we must consider what he was teaching. I hold firmly that had he lived today, or within the last few hundred years, no one would associate him with any religion. He simply, if such a word can be used in connection with his philosophy, discovered the purpose of life in a dualistic realty, and shared it with us.
That’s all, folks!
He discovered what the ancient Hindus already new thousands of years ago, and what our illustrious scientists confirmed but a few years ago, that atoms are essentially empty space, and thus our physical reality is little more than an illusion. The Hindus call is Maya.
And he went further. If so, he must have thought, that where and of what nature would be the “real” reality. After eighteen years of study he discovered the truth. For three years that followed, Yeshûa was teaching about “real reality”. About that which is indestructible. Which is more, much more, than any religion. And that, my friends, is what saves our consciousness and assures us of eternal life.
It is so much more than an illusion.
It is yours for the taking.

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