Sunday, 17 February 2013

Cats and Dogs are people too

This is what one of my friends wrote on his Authors’ Den webpage. I was stunned, then amused then, on longer consideration, I came to love it. After all, what are people? Aren’t we all are bags of water filled with emotions, discoordinate thoughts, hopes, desires… We long for love, pleasure…
We are all Hedonists at heart.
Isn’t this what can be said about every cat and dog. It is probably true of all other animals, of course, but we, humans, have developed a particular affinity, one could even say symbiosis, with cats and dogs.
All right. We are smarter. On the other hand, they don’t make atom bombs. There are times when I’d rather be a frolicking dolphin, or a soaring bird, than a member of the human race. Sometimes I dream that I am…

And dreams bring me to the concept of the subconscious. Carl G. Jung, the distinguished Austrian psychiatrist, defines dreams as the expression of the “collective unconscious”. Anyone who ever observed a cat’s or a dog’s jerky movements while they were sleeping, has ample evidence that they experience dreams. Any good vet will confirm that. This would put cats and dogs and other people in the same basket.
And now we come to the punch line.
As I mentioned in one of my blogs, the Hebrew word nephesh is translated in the King James Bible as soul. In fact the literal translation should be “animal soul”, or the subconscious—that which Eve symbolizes in Genesis. My Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism will give you more information on this subject.
So we have two things to consider. Either billions of copies of the Bible are wrong, or cats and dogs have souls. I vote for the latter. At least my cat has one—of that I am sure.
And if you enjoy stories about cats and dogs, read my Cats & Dogs Series. I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them. And then you, too, will believe that they are all people. Like you and I, only sometimes a lot smarter…

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  1. I completely believe that animals have souls. I believe they visit us just like our loved ones do. Great blog.