Thursday, 21 February 2013

Being and Becoming

Every single second our body changes in more ways that we can count. Trillions of electrochemical impulses assure our continued existence in the body we inhabit.
But what of the real, inimitable “I”?
“I” remains the constant, unchangeable Self. “I” is the observer. And… the observer is the observed. Give it a few years and the matter will become clear. It took me longer, but I’ve learned that the observer and the observed are one.
My novel NOW—Being and Becoming attempts to explain why. Attempts, because we are all in the process of becoming. Or should be. Life is change and change is becoming. It is a process. Within this context we are all trying to understand the meaning of the real “I”, of the “I AM”. And, again, if we don’t, then it seems to me that we should be. If we don’t, then we are only half-alive. We are still in the static condition of being, without all the benefit, which this condition could provide.
Socrates said that an unexamined life is a life not worth living. We must make sure our lives are worthwhile.
People invented dozens, perhaps hundreds of religions, to try and cope with this problem. Unfortunately religions don’t work because they all externalize the “I”, the static, permanent, changeless, indestructible entity that we all are. Until we accept that the observer and the observed are one, we shall continue to walk in circles looking for the source that gives us consciousness. In the Far East, they call it the Wheel of Awagawan.
Alternatively… we can continue to just eat, drink, defecate and make babies. It can’t be all bad.  After all, isn’t this what the masses are doing for thousands (millions?) of years?
But then, there are The Few.
They are the few who dare to reach out where no man has been before. Or… very few men or women. The few who venture beyond the limitations of their physical envelopes, and roam the universe of their own creation.
That is what Being and Becoming is all about. It is for those few who dare. Who are not afraid to stand up on their own feet and claim their heritage.
After all, aren’t we all gods?

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