Friday, 6 July 2012

The Universe is set on Automatic.

The universe is set on automatic and, as such, it evolved to protect itself in all its integrity. We can think of the Universe as a giant computer, in which the memory storage are the Universal Laws, and which correspond to our subconscious mind. Add all the subconscious minds—and I don’t mean just human—together, and you have the memory storage of the universe. There is no other. Remember, everything in us is a mini-version of the universe, thus the totality of the universe corresponds to the totality of the subconscious.
Now, why automatic?
The subconscious contains or stores everything that already happened. It is the past stretching back so far that the human conscious mind with its inherent limitations cannot conceive of such a distant history. We can think of it as stretching back to infinity. To a time before time came into being.
[If you can’t imagine such past, read NOW—Being and Becoming]

There have been countless races or even species before us, both incarnate and discarnate, which brought about evolution. While the subconscious is the law, none of which can be broken, it can be developed. It operates on the maxim “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Hardly surprising considering how long it took to develop those laws.
But no one is perfect. Hence mutations or, in other words, us. We are the departures from the automatic. We endeavour (almost always unsuccessfully) to depart from the old and tried. But sometimes, just sometimes, some of us succeed. You might call those people the chosen ones. Although, I strongly suspect, they are the ones who interfered least with their destiny. 
The Universe is a continuous process of self-discovery.

When things go wrong as, for instance, with our climate, (or at the personal level: obesity, pandemics, inexplicable stupidity), the “universe doesn’t know” what happened. It notes and records, but it does not possess self-awareness. We, you and I, and countless individualizations of the Omnipresent Consciousness are the self-awareness of the universe. Self-awareness serves to give evidence of the consequences of any departure from the Universal Law. There is none other. We are the tips of icebergs, which are capable of seeing above the waters and, on occasion, saying NO. No, I will not follow the established route. We are and we create anomalies. We are the mutations, which veer off from what is normal. And thus we are also the indispensible entities, which assure evolution of the Universal Consciousness. Quite a job. 

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