Sunday, 22 July 2012

Time and Miracles

Consciousness, being omnipresent, is static. As I mentioned before, it is already everywhere, thus has nowhere to go. It also incorporates everything in its potential form. The one thing that is missing from it is self-awareness. Being omnipresent, it cannot regard itself from the outside of itself. There is no such condition. If such were to exist, it must be created.
Hence ‘Self’.
‘Self’ is the attribute of the universal consciousness enabling it to individualize itself for the purpose of regarding itself from ‘outside’. Try a mirror. Look deeply into it and you’ll see what I mean. The image is not you, but it tells you a great deal about you. What you’ll see is a fraction of what is. The distinction is very important. And please note, the image disappears when you withdraw your presence.

Every single fraction of mater is always in a constant, continuous, process of decay. The scientists know that. They call it the Second Law of Thermodynamics, or the Law of Increasing Entropy. Whatever the name, this process is one of constant change. Ongoing decay applies to stars millions of light-years away and to the tips of our noses. Thus what scientists study is never what is, but always what was. To put is differently, they always study the effect, never the cause.
Would you like to know why? Read my blogs.
All of them.
The changes in physical reality, such as studied by scientists and practiced by physicians, are subject to passage of time. While scientists study what was, the physicians attempt to restore what ‘was’ (they call it ‘is’) to an even older condition of becoming. By that I mean that doctors are tempting to reverse time, which is impossible, and thus, instead, they try to restore the condition of the patient as close as possible to the one extant before the onset of the ‘disease’. Before imperfection set in.
‘Miracle workers’ are quite different.
They create from the infinite potential that which they desire to manifest. They do not restore, they create. In a way, this book, this blog, is a miracle. Before I wrote it, it didn’t exist. After I saw it outside the bounds of time, I brought it out from its potential form to a manifested form. From the subjective, existing only within me to the manifest, or objective form, which I can share with others. I didn’t change anything that already was, or has been. What I write, now, didn’t exist before I wrote it. Now—that is a miracle.
Scientists and/or physicians can’t do that, although, in a way, Einstein could. There are exceptions to every rule. There is only a probability.
Artists can. Although some ‘artists’ merely try to copy what’s already there… Again, probability.
If we accept my thesis with the same intensity, with the same conviction as we accept the false reality of the material universe, then we’ll perceive the illusory nature of time and we shall be able to create reality at will. Why?
Because true reality exists only in the present.
If/when we do that, our willpower becomes the most powerful force in the universe. In the instant of ‘now’, we become one with ‘Self’. One with our limitless potential.
In the creative process we do not repair or rearrange the components of dead matter.  We leave that to scientists; to learned doctors of medicine. We create new, brand new, from the perfect potential that is ever latent in the Universe. The potential is always perfect. We, in the process of bringing it out, might not succeed in maintaining that perfection. That is why artists always, always, continue to try.
To do that, to perform miracles, we must accept the truth. We must step outside time. When we do, we shall perform what others call miracles. For us, it will be just reality. As natural as the smile in a newborn baby’s eyes.

The subject is discussed at length in Visualization—Creating Your own Universe. You might like it. 

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