Monday, 16 July 2012

The Difference between Science and Religion

Science and religion are both trying to solve the mysteries of the Universe. They are both trying to tell us how to live, stay healthy, happy etc.. They are both telling us that they, and only they… are right. They are both as stubborn in their views, only in science the theories change, and in religions, well, new religions come up.
Everyone seems to be doing his and her best—on both sides of the equation.
From the mental, or better-said, intellectual point of view, science wins hands down. And this, although, science even as religions, falls into the trap of fundamentalism.
Religions, with passion equal to the scientists, proclaim truths derived almost exclusively from the practitioners’ emotional need. Science satisfies the mind, religion—the heart.
They are both wrong.
Reality, I dare say, is greater than both, religion and science. We, humans, on the other hand, are a very primitive species. In a few thousand years (don’t forget scientists tell us the Universe is many billions of years old), some of us (them, if you don’t accept reincarnation) will laugh at ourselves how incredibly stupid we were way back then. The vast majority, however, will continue to proclaim how clever they are. Both, priest and scientists. Just like today.

For now, there are two functions the scientists can engage in. One, to observe—Darwin is a good example of this (he made an enormous contribution to our understanding), and two, to bring out into the open all that has heretofore been hidden. That’s it. What scientists, in my view, should not do is to make up stories (they call them theories), which are completely unprovable, while spending billions of our dollars to do so. We, “ordinary people”, can do that for free!
Today, on CBC program, I heard that the medical profession still has no idea how Alzheimer’s comes about. The only thing that’s vital, they said, is that millions of dollars continue to support the research.
Wouldn’t you rather have religion? At least they build beautiful churches…
If you’d like a deeper discussion on the subject matter, please look up my DELUSIONS—Pragmatic Realism. You just might like it. (You might also have a good laugh). 

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