Monday, 2 July 2012

Is there Death, or Isn’t there?

Death is a very misunderstood concept. Surely we know that everything that ever held a physical form must have also held previously a non-physical form. Anyone who ever designed anything knows that we must have an idea, then a mental concept, before we can make anything. Also, mental and emotional forms enjoy much longer shelf life than the physical. Just think, Buddha, Socrates, the Christ, have all left their physical bodies, but their ideas live on. They also inspire emotions in billions of people.
And it all happens in our consciousness. 
When our consciousness leaves our physical enclosure as e.g. in sleep while dreaming, we translate our essence (consciousness, awareness), our real Self, into a less destructible form, which nevertheless closely resembles the physical body we temporarily vacated. Why? Because the body we’ve just left is the image of the sum total of our spiritual, mental and emotional development to date.
It is the end product, a sort of impression we make on the matrix of the universe.
Some people can take charge of their dreams. Those are variously known as lucid dreams, soul travel, out of body projection, or by some other, more esoteric names. The funny thing is, whatever we believe in, we all do it. Dream, I mean. And we can all learn to have ‘lucid’ dreams. Why is it important? Because in our dreams, regardless what we dream about, we are immortal. Our consciousness outside our body, outside the confines of material shackles, is indestructible.
Isn’t it fun?
Just how rich is our existence outside our bodies you might discover in greater details in one of my novels: NOW—Being and Becoming. 

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