Tuesday, 10 July 2012

We are NOT Born to Suffer

How can anyone believe in a god, who/which would allow extended suffering of the innocents? The suffering of animals that feed on each other; humans, who murder other people; people who wage wars?
Well, ‘god’, doesn’t allow it. We do. The world in which this suffering supposedly takes place is not real. It only exists in our minds.
You see, we are not our bodies.
Once the self-awareness (our true Self) is withdrawn from a physical body, human or animal, no pain or suffering can be experienced. And even before, the Self is little more than an observer.
Just to illustrate this truth, we don’t feel pain when we faint; in extreme cases when we’re in coma. Our organism releases endorphins (endogenous opioid peptides produced by the pituitary gland), automatically, to protect us from pain. And we all experienced instances when we cut ourselves, and remained unaware of it until we saw blood flowing…
Consciousness is all. It is our life. Our physical body is only a consequence of the creative process. Like the physical Universe. It’s not real. It is essentially… empty space.
Nothing exists, even in our dreams, until we became conscious of it. The real Self, the I AM, never suffers. It cannot. It is not flesh and bones. And flesh and bones have only a rudimentary awareness necessary to sustain the image we created in our minds. That’s all. And even that is withdrawn soon after the Self separates Itself from its creation. Like a cockerel that soon ceases its dance after its head is separated from its body.

Of course we, humans, think we know better.
When our bodies are ready to be retired (and recycled), and our Consciousness is ready to leave, we resist. We even developed a name for it. We call it instinct for self-preservation. Only we’re wrong. There is no such thing. There is fight-or-flight built into all biological entities—it is necessary to sustain the illusion of physical reality. While the Self is immortal, indestructible, what we want to preserve is our ego. Our ‘personality’.
But don’t tell that to the medical or priestly professions, or to the scientists, who insist on treating us as physical entities. The same people wouldn’t dream of keeping a computer or a car that doesn’t run well any more. But dilapidated bodies?
Of course, that is ‘all’ we are, they say. Are we not our bodies, they ask? Are we not bags of water? Are we not farms for 100 trillion vermin doing their thing at our expense… sorry, at the expense of our bodies?
Give me a break!

Does this mean that we should not try to maintain the bodies we have created in a good working order? Of course we should. And we should always try to assist physical evolution to improve the instrument through which we experience our becoming. As long as our physical envelopes are the expression of our contribution to the Universe, to the Whole of which we are an indivisible part, we ought to look after them.
They are our mirrors, created in our image.

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