Thursday, 12 July 2012

Are Men really Created Equal?

First, we must define ‘man’. Do we mean generically, i.e. men and women? Are we are referring to our ego—that trait of our personality that sets us apart? Or do we refer to our Self—that which makes us one. If we try to judge men on the first count, then all men (and women, of course) are born with divergent genetic traits, which make them extremely unequal.
If, on the other hand, we think of them as immortal entities individualized as Self, spending a brief stint in a condition of becoming, then, indeed, we are equal. We are endowed with the same, limitless potential, to fulfill the role we decided to perform while in a dualistic reality.
After all, as Self, “Ye are gods” comes to mind. There are no limitations of Self. An extraordinary proposition.

The roles we are to perform, however, are also unequal. They are dependant on Karma we acquired through the mischief or waywardness of our ego. We should never forget that a tad of ego is necessary for survival in a physical reality. All animals have it. But animals, other than human, conform to the dictates of nature, we don’t.
Problem? Not at all.
The difficulty lies in discovering why Self had picked a particular vortex of traits, which we can call ego, or personality, to advance Its becoming. When I first came to Canada, I read about an uneducated couple, settled on a small farm in Ontario. Apparently, they began adopting children some years before. By the time I read the story they reached 26 adoptees. Those children may or may not have been ‘created’ equal, but by the time they were adopted they all shared a single trait. They were all disabled. Everyone of them. In some form of another, ranging from paraplegic to blind, and everything in between. 
The adult couple didn’t ask for help. By the time a new child arrived, the previous adoptees were so imbued with love for one another that they took it upon themselves to help out. And so on.
No one will ever convince me that that couple, living on a small farm, hardly making the ends meet, were less advanced than a multi-billionaire who makes his billions by exploiting the child labour in the far-eastern countries. You might say that the couple is “far more equal then others”. I’m sure they fulfilled their Karma, whatever it was.

Though we may not always understand it, everything in our lives always happens at the right time, in the right sequence. Sometime we might succeed in disturbing that flow for a little while—but once left alone, it will right itself. We must never forget that we have our becoming in a very benevolent Universe. None of the above is an attempt at preaching. It is merely the conclusion I’ve reached after many years of observation.

Similar subjects are discussed in my Beyond Religion series; this particular one in Beyond Religion Volume II.

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