Wednesday, 4 July 2012

E Pluribus Unum, or… the Biggest Clout

Since 1786, this beautiful and powerful maxim adorns the Seal of the United States, let alone many US coins. Now few, very few, know what the sentiment means. It proclaims in Latin what I  am sure the Romans would have liked to achieve in the days of Peter & Paul.
Also, many parts of larger political entities seem to harbor a desire for political separations from whatever unified entity they belong to at present.
Don’t they realize that the bigger you are the more clout you have? Economically, culturally, politically, militarily? Virtually, in every way.
I refuse to pass judgment on the USA, the European Coalition, the “freedom fighters” of Afghanistan or other countries. Their actions will be judged by generations to come. But, it seems to me, not one of them can justify the commandment: Love thy enemy, let alone: Thou shalt not kill. Not even those who have the Biggest Clout.
We are not really Christians, are we?  

Only these days there is a problem.
It takes only one man’s, or woman’s, little finger to press a button to make a home-made A bomb go off in the biggest cities of the world. At long last, we all have the power, the clout, to convert all our cities, the world over, into Sodom and Gomorrah.
A single man, or woman, created into the image or likeness of their God, or Satan, can convert our way of life into hell. In this Age of Aquarius, a single person has, or can have, more clout then all the governments put together. Those men and women need not account to anyone. They are free to kill, murder, in whatever name, even as those who, heretofore, had the Biggest Clout.
Some 2000 years ago a Man said: love one another. Even more so, love your enemies. We were asked to become good shepherds. Sheep symbolized our thoughts, emotions. We had to learn to control them.
Did we?
Perhaps that Man foresaw that soon, in just two millennia, a single man, hating, could destroy millions. Many millions. We have all been given the gospel of love—have we’ve learned anything? Did we stop killing each other?
Perhaps it is still not too late. 

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