Friday, 20 July 2012

The Apple, or it was All Eve’s Fault

We live in a Universe of symbols. An apple is not an apple when in Eve's hands. We, humans, convert all things into words, which symbolize different things to different people. The animals can’t do that. They have an advantage in that—an animal cannot sin.
An animal cannot act contrary to the program imbedded in its genes. It can do the best it can within the boundaries established for its species, but it cannot step outside it. Unless nature makes an error, of course. The scientists call this mutation. Contrary to the perfection of the potential, once the idea enters the realm of duality, only probability can assure its survival. Hence—mutations. Each one is an evolutionary error. If it works, nature takes it over as a new prototype and protects its integrity. If not, it dies with its progenitor.
Not so with the human species.
If truth be told, we, the physical entities with which most of us identify, i.e. our ego, also do not suffer from excess of our cherished free will. If we stray from the straight and narrow, we pay our dues. We get sick, or broke, or are in danger of losing our limb if not embodiment, which we call life. But we can say no. We can disobey. We can sin. And we have the ‘apple’ to blame for that.
On the other hand, if it weren’t for the ‘apple’, we would not be able enrich the fabric of heavens. Heaven, to recapitulate one of my previous blogs, is the sum total of our experiences from the beginning of time. Assuming time had a beginning. In a way, time, like space, is imaginary. It is a construct of our mind. In heaven we can relive all of our experiences, only we do not have to pay the piper for our errors. In heaven we are indestructible.
So what of the ‘apple’?
[You might be amused by an essay I wrote called “Apples”, in Beyond Religion III. They seem to have a very rich history. Try it and tell me what you think.]
Apple, and indirectly, Eve, who in the Old Testament symbolizes our subconscious, enabled us to say NO. To stray from the prescribed direction. The subconscious, our base of operations, cannot grow without the input from the conscious mind. Nature (the expression, or manifestation, of the omnipresent universal intelligence) discovered that without mutations to advance its growth it would relegate evolution, to quote James Burke, to “somewhere between dead slow and dead slow”. Hence the Edenic apple. Since mutations are nature’s errors, (I suspect the scientists will deny that), the apple allows us to oppose nature’s laws, in the hope that some errors—if they didn’t kill us—would result in more progress. In evolution.
The jury is still out.
There’s a problem, you see. Self, the real indestructible, eternal Self, cannot make an error. Hence we enter the process of incarnation. We—Homo sapiens: equipped with egotistical eccentricities, with propensity towards saying no, almost on principle; that’s how, indirectly of course, we can enrich heaven. Otherwise it would forever remain static. Like Omnipresence. Like the Unconscious—The Infinite Potential.
Thank you Eve.

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