Monday, 1 December 2014

A Vicious Circle

 Every time a coalition for power is formed, it is a sign that the time of drastic change is near. One of the principle characteristics of our dualistic reality is that when wielding power overtakes other considerations the days of those in power are nearing the end of their course. It is time for, what Wall Street plutocrats call, a correction. I call it a return to sanity.
There, however, lies the paradox.
According to the prophets of old, to advance on the evolutionary scale, we must become as gods. Gods, by definition yield virtually unlimited power — and unlimited power, as we all know, corrupts absolutely. Without recourse. Hence, a new beginning must take place. Thus, round and round we go. In the East, the ancients call it the Wheel of Awagawan.
A vicious circle.
Luckily, since consciousness originates from a Single Source, the characteristics of dualistic reality are completely artificial. It is not real. It consists of imaginary objects both, those that we call living (subject to rapid change) and those relatively inert, yet on closer analysis all of them consist of virtually empty space. That’s pure science. Quantum mechanics—if you like. It is knowledge as advanced as the human species’ ability to comprehend the physical Universe.
All else is Maya. Illusion.
To repeat—mostly empty space.

Yet power is NOT evil. Nor is a scalpel, which can both: save and take lives. It has been said that LOVE is the most powerful force in the Universe.
Yet… Power is the opposite of Love.
Used well, Love can restore balance in the Universe. It can restore its course to the middle path. Love is ennobling, redeeming and saving. While Power, as various religions or political factions, tends to set people apart, Love, like faith, draws us together. As we approach the condition of balance, “the straight and narrow path”, we become aware of Oneness, which draws us to a single state of mind. Single yet infinite in its diversity. We can claim to wield real power only when we can assure that each individual unit of that diversity is free to pursue its individuality.
It is a difficult task.
It seems that only eternity can assure our eventual success. Hence, we must assume or adopt traits necessary and indispensible to reach this ultimate goal. Others, those not as yet awake, will continue to wield earthly power, which is destined for unavoidable failure. All empires always collapsed and they always will. They are contrary to the force that holds this Universe together. “Earthly” power stands in direct opposition to that which makes us immortal.

This fact has been known for at least two millennia.  Yeshûa revealed this secret to Thomas, an ancient disciple, who recorded it in a Gnostic gospel. To protect its purity, it is veiled in esoteric symbolism. I attempted to lift the rim of the veil for all who are interested in being immortal. Good luck!


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