Sunday, 21 December 2014

Final Destination

By now most of us accept that while our stay on this ball of dust is temporary, our journey extends into infinity. As, according to our learned physicists, our physical bodies consist almost entirely of empty space (which might or might not be filled with potential “bubble of energy”), when we do finally vacate our bodies, we do not leave much behind. At best, some tiny fragments of dust.
So what does continue into the ever after?
Those who are religiously inclined call it spirit. Yet, they fail to tell us what ‘spirit’ is. Ancient Greek word pneuma meaning ‘breath’ is translated in King James Bible as ‘spirit’ or ‘soul’. This gets us no further to discover what spirit is. More research into works of great scholars state that spirit symbolizes the: “indestructible substance of the manifested universe, the Essence of Life”. This would help except for the terms “evil spirit” and the absence of any explanation what does the un-manifested, that is to say, the non-physical universe consist of. And after all, the non-physical universe is where, sooner or later, we all end up.
Problems start when we try to define the indefinable. As Baruch Spinoza so aptly put, to define god is to deny god, by setting limitations on His/Her/Its nature. Or lack of it?

This must have been the sort of problem which Yeshûa faced when he run away from the strict upbringing of the Essenes. He, even as we today, did not accept the facile teaching. He must have learned a lot from his elders, but obviously left wanting. Perhaps that is why Luke in his memoir (2:52) remarks that:
 “Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.”
So he wasn’t born perfect?
The Christians won’t like that.
Observing the world, Yeshûa began to suspect that the Essenes, as the rest of Jews, (even as the Christians of today), have drifted a long way from the teaching of old Hebrew prophets, even from Moses himself.
He decided to rectify the situation.
Thus, at the age of 12, Yeshûa embarked on a long, long journey, in search of lost truth. He travelled far and wide, refusing to give up. The truth was important to him. This was how “he increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man”.
Alas, the priesthood did not like the idea that those who rediscover and obey the Universal Laws, are all “children of the Most High”. Blasphemy, they said…

Below, I offer my version of how Yeshûa’s long journey might have looked. It is a ‘fantasy’ based, in part, on statements of the late American mystic Edgar Cayce. The writing of Gnostic scholars inspired the metaphysical aspects of the journey. The rest is just me. As Xmas is at hand, for a little while an email to me (below) will get you a coupon for a free download of Yeshûa on Smashwords. Enjoy!

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