Friday, 26 December 2014

ANARCHY—The Absence of Equilibrium

When riots sweep the streets of New York, Los Angeles some other large US cites, or even the streets of London, UK, we can assign them to unfortunate consequences of imperialistic policies. But when disgruntled masses rampage through the serene avenues of Zurich, Switzerland, throwing Molotov cocktails at police-cars and shop-fronts, it is time to take the problem of anarchists seriously
Imagine, streets of a nation known for its pacifistic, almost phlegmatic attitudes towards pugilistic tendencies of other nations, filled with acrid smoke of masses venting their spleen.

Regrettably we, all of us, are responsible for driving the youth to take desperate measures. It is not that they wish to destroy other people’s goods, but rather, it seems, that they want to restore balance.
“If we have little or nothing” they seem to ask, “why should others have millions, not to mention billions? It doesn’t seem fair.”
It isn’t.
The factors that contribute to the onset of anarchy are patently obvious. When great many have very little and very-few have a great deal, the foundations are laid for the collapse of the system that created the system. All empires fell for this reason alone. The balance was upset. Some call it corruption, greed, or decadence, but in essence it is the pernicious amnesia that sweeps humanity. We forgot that as humanity—we are all One; that humanity is not a disjointed agglomeration of selfish individuals, but a diversity of talents best suited to the discovery and manifestation of higher aims, higher aspirations. As a boy, I belonged to a church that espoused patron saints. My patron is Stanislaus Kostka. His motto was “Ad majora natus sum.”
While I’ve long given up the regiments of organized religion, St. Stanislas Kostka’s dictum remained with me.
“I am born for greater things.”
Not greater in worldly possessions. Not in becoming richer or more famous than my neighbours. Greater Things refer to non-material wealth that has been swept under the carpet of the global amnesia. It refers to the intangible, indestructible, immortal aspects of our nature. Yours and mine. We all have the potential for becoming immortal. All of us.
The time for change is NOW.

These sentiments prompted me to write the Aquarius Trilogy. Book One, “Wall—Love, Sex, and Immortality”, examines the world as it is, wherein physical wealth rules supreme. In Book Two, the “Pluto Effect”, changes begin to take place, which are designed to cleanse our consciousness, to cleanse the erroneous concepts, which over the ages conditioned our view of reality. Finally, in Book Three, “Olympus—of God and Men”, I describe the means by which we can recapture our divine heritage—means by which we can reaffirm our immortality.
“Read the books carefully,” my friend said, “they are only novels, but they might save your life.”
I strongly suspect that my friend wasn’t talking about the stranger’s life here and now.
You be the judge.  

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