Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Evolution or Unfolding - The Eternal Journey

We often confuse the true reality and the illusory world in which we experience our becoming. That which is real cannot be destroyed by some two-bit general pressing the wrong button in Pentagon or Kremlin. That which is real is indestructible and eternal. Like I AM. Like the essence of you and me.
Hence, the evolution of individualized consciousness to which we often refer as ‘soul’. Even the word soul is often misunderstood. In the biblical scriptures the word is used to describe both, the subconscious (nephesh or “animal soul”), and the indomitable, eternal, unchangeable, individualized consciousness that cannot be set apart from its Source. The latter is also referred to as spirit, which has its being outside the confines of time or space. It is also referred to as the I AM.

One might well ask, what could possibly be the purpose of evolution that is both, infinite and eternal, and thus indestructible. Our incipient individualized consciousness needs. a tangible mechanism (a physical body) through which to experience the mode of becoming. It starts with a very limited vision. It is hardly aware of anything outside its own l, amoebic universe. Then, we expand our vision.
Gradually, we learn, that in the mode of becoming, only that is real which can be experienced through at least one of our senses. While in the potential form everything is perfect, when experienced only in part, it leaves the “soul” wanting. Hence evolution. A gradual unfolding of the infinite potential within us.
Physical evolution seems to expand along the lines of exponential diversity. Hence, it would be logical to assume that in the infinity of time there would be an infinite number of (illusory) creations. The purpose of consciousness is to experience al of them simultaneously, from infinite number of points of view.

As all that is experienced is stored in our subconscious, the consequences of such evolution would be to create an infinite number of universes, each contained within, but not limited by, the experiences stored in our memories. I note that scientists-cosmologists-theoretical-physicists are playing with similar theories—thoughts dressed in their “scientific” jargon. Although they would never admit it, my proposal fits in quite well with their hypothetical string and multiverse theory. The difference is that scientists need to have a beginning and end to everything. They are quite incapable of dealing with infinity, which for them remains ever-theoretical. For me infinity is a playground for my soul, for my individualized consciousness, to explore.
There are neither boundaries nor limits to infinity.

Perhaps our next evolutionary step will come from other intelligent beings, from other parts of our or neighbouring galaxy. One possibility and dangers attendant to such a step are suggested in my novel, The “Gift of Gamman”. You might not agree with it, but you’ll probably admit that salvation may come from most unexpected quarters. 

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