Friday, 5 December 2014

Mysteries Unraveled

Symbolic shrouds continue to protect the Bible, Koran, Mahabharata, and virtually all ancient scriptures I studied. While there are archetypes common to all of the scriptures, each culture placed specific demands on the reader. Hence it is likely that most people in the West are more familiar with the Bible than with other scriptures.
Nevertheless, what amazes me is that, to my knowledge, not a single organized religion took to trouble to explain this fact, let alone the meaning of the symbols, to their faithful. Perhaps the learned doctors of theology were and still are ignorant of the symbolic meaning themselves. After all, none are so blind as those who have eyes yet cannot see. That’s right. Not those who cannot see objects but those who cannot see the meaning conveyed by the inspired mystics.
The problem, of course, was and is organized religion—as is organized science, for that matter. Great many learned scientists are equally as ignorant of scriptural symbolic meanings as the vast majority of priests and preachers. Yet abject ignorance never stopped the ‘scientists’ nor the ‘theologians’ from giving us the benefit of their ignorance.
I suppose there is no money in telling people the truth. The faithful would soon take off, on their own, and there would be no one to support the clergy.
Sometime ago I’d published a book entitled DELUSIONS—Pragmatic Realism, in which I compared the abysmal ignorance of fundamentalists in both sacerdotal and scientific fraternity. Surely, now that quantum mechanics is an accepted branch of science, both parties ought to consider espousing probabilities in lieu of absolutism.
Yet, both prefer to insist that they are right. ‘Absolutely’ became a favourite word even for the ‘masses’.

I offer an alternative.
You might know that, to this day, more than 3300 Hebrew and/or Ancient Greek words in the Bible remain not translated into English. While the experts in ancient languages seldom agree in the precise meaning of words, I made as many variations as I could find available to you, to make sure that YOU and you alone will choose those words which your inner voice, your intuition, will guide you to choose. Only then you will discern the true meaning of scriptures as they apply to YOU.
 Those who are evolved enough to stand on their own feet can try to make use of my Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism. While, as mentioned above, all scriptures have been written in a symbolic idiom, the Bible is most familiar document to people in our part of the world. Thus, with luck and perseverance, you might find out what the evangelists and the prophets really had in mind. The book will give you the necessary knowledge to decipher the ancient writings on your own.
Believe me, you will be enormously surprised.
Good luck. 

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