Thursday, 11 December 2014

Artificial Duality - The Mirror

I often wondered why so many of us seem so preoccupied with the future, the distant future, the time after we depart from this valley of shadows. John, in the apocryphal Acts made an interesting statement. He wrote:

A lamp am I to you that perceive me
A mirror am I to you that know me

I had been baffled for many years at this seemingly esoteric statement, until I remembered that all the scriptures, particularly of Gnostic origin, are written from the non-physical, non-material the point of view. In other words, it is not a man (or woman) who is addressing us with those words, but the entity that makes use of our physical/material body for a very short duration.
While John’s words are intended for the reflexive consciousness of the body, they serve as reassurance for our true self. In essence, I AM and our human consciousness is one and the same. Once we gain the awareness of this fact, our physical body serves as a mirror for I AM to see the fruit of Its labours.

This might sound like a complex metaphysical mumbo-jumbo, but what John is saying is that duality of body and spirit, is entirely the product of our mind.
It is completely artificial.
While the mirror has great value, not one of us would confuse the reflection with the “real thing”.
I AM has created a physical body, and continues to rejuvenate and rebuild it on a daily basis. The physical body with which we identify is little more that a mirror of the entity within us. The entity ‘within’ us is, of course, our true self. It is the I AM.
There is no ‘spirit’ floating around us, masquerading as a second-rate Hollywood movie ghost. Our bodies are representations of the totality of our consciousness. We must remember, however, that our ‘body’ consists of four components. We are physical, emotional, mental and pure consciousness (spirit if you like) entities, all expressed through the medium of our human form.

Attempting to decipher the wisdom of the past is becoming progressively more difficult. We are likely to come a step closer to the truth once we accept that we are regressing from entities of pure consciousness towards materiality. Day by day our scientists are telling us that we are little more than empty space, which our physical bodies, including our brains, mostly are. Yet, they say, this empty space is capable of generating ideas, thoughts and emotions.
This may be true of the scientists themselves, but as for myself I am an entity manifesting through four attributes, without which I could not claim to be human.

Practical implications of this thesis are illustrated in my novel “NOW—Being and Becoming”. It is a love story that transcends physical reality. The concept is not as far-fetched as you might imagine, it only proves that YOU and I are immortal. 

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  1. Well put, as always. The increasing materiality ( or non-existentlymaterial) is dissolving I think exponentially. Retaining the individual then becomes a problem for some who are not yet ready to accept the seeming contradiction of the mirror as having intrinsic value.

    1. Your sentiments are expressed (dramatised) in my Aquarius Trilogy, particularly in book 3, Olympus—of Gods and Men. (If only we had more time for reading... lol).