Tuesday, 25 November 2014

7,000,000,000 Answers

Until the population of the world expands even more, there are about seven billion answers to the question: Why are we here. Judging by our apparent need for reproduction, this number will grow. Unless, of course, an apocalyptic event curtails our rampant proliferation.
The vast majority of us do not seem to be aware that without our participation, the Earth, as we know it, would not exist. It might have remained as Mars, or other planets, devoid of all life, or with just very rudimentary species, which could, one day, become conscious of their existence. They would not have to be anything like us—perhaps based on non-biological components—but endowed with a subconscious nevertheless.
And this is where the omnipresent Intelligence, the ubiquitous Consciousness if you prefer, affects our becoming. In the Acts of John, an early 2nd-century collection, a single idea suggests the answer. As it is of Gnostic origin, it was discarded by the Vatican.  It states:

A lamp am I to him that beholds me... A mirror am I to him that perceives me.”

In modern language it implies that the omnipresent Intelligence/Consciousness shows us the way, guides us, inspires us, until we take over.
Until the penny drops…
Until we become aware that we are but tiny shards of mirror reflecting the single Creative Power we are little more than half-blind men staggering in the persistent light striving to show us the way.
This is NOT a religious epiphany. It is a statement defining the evolutionary process. I am referring to the evolution of our consciousness, of our self-awareness, not of our ability to continuously invent gadgets, which over time, for the masses, will make creative thinking virtually obsolete. “Why think when you can press a button and a technologically enhanced machine can to it for you?” We don’t even need sabers or swords to kill our enemy. We just press a button and millions will die in the agonies of atomic radiation.
There isn’t a single man or woman wielding political/military power, capable of building an atom bomb. But they wield the power to press a button. To kill. Millions.
A pit of depravity?
An abyss of corruption?
We are holders of such power.

Again, we are no more than individualized fragments reflecting the omnipresent, irrepressible power. Some of us forget that others are still struggling in the light of a single lamp. An indestructible lamp that shines on the “good and the bad”, even as the rain that waters the gardens of all states of consciousness. We are One. Our sole purpose is to make Earth a better reality for those who will follow us.
Each one of us is an indispensible shard reflecting the totality of Consciousness. This we must learn. For no other reason were we born. For no other reason shall we die.
And if we fail in this life, don’t worry. We’ll just start again in the next. Better luck next time.

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