Friday, 7 November 2014

Democracy—The Epicenter of Balance

For years our leaders have fooled us with their oratory. We have been told to walk on the left or on the right. All else was wrong. Evil. Sinful?
 Our leaders were wrong.
Democracy, like divinity, lies in a state of inexplicable, tremulous, ever-elusive balance. It is intangible, transient, ineffable. Always striving, reaching, hoping… It lies in the divine middle where the left and the right meld in a euphoric union. It does not recognize sides.
To paraphrase the expert in the field, “it rains on the just and on the unjust”. It remains ever-magnanimous. Like divinity, it remains neutral. Always.
Hence… Democracy is the Middle Path: neither on the left nor on the right. It strives to maintain equilibrium.

For more than two millennia, the concept of Democracy has been, and remains, grossly misunderstood. The purpose of Democracy is to assure that every single person living under its aegis retains his or her individual right to self-determination.
Unfortunately the socialists on one side, and authoritarian plutocrats on the other have usurped the concept of Democracy. They twisted it beyond recognition.
Democracy is impartial.
It is a precarious state of balance hovering on social, economic and political razor’s edge. It is precious, rare condition, envied by those who cannot benefit from even a poor imitation of the principles inherent in its concept.
Washington, Ottawa, London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, and other western centers of governments, supposedly the epicenters of Democracy, have long distorted, nay destroyed, the essence of its most noble ideals. In the West, perhaps everywhere, Democracy is dead.

Today, the whole world suffers from extremes of duality. The sole purpose of our illusive, material reality is to show us what happens when we stray from the straight and narrow. We can reach out, but must remain centered. Both, socialism and capitalism can only work if they achieve and maintain a state of balance. Only then either of them can aspire to Democracy.
 All dictatorships led by an individual, or by any group of plutocrats of any political spectrum will fall. They have fallen, throughout history. Only a state of relative balance can be maintained.
When money decides who is elected to govern, we are approaching our death throes.  History shows that when plutocrats rule, the end is quite inevitable. No excesses of power have ever survived. Empires fell while plutocrats found their necks caressed by Madame Guillotine.

But we must NOT despair.
After each fall the elusive phoenix of Democracy rises from the ashes and begins its long flight towards social and political enlightenment. So it will this time.

Some 2000 years ago, one man tried to set us on the right track. Paul of Tarsus did his best to help him. For some reason, people converted the teaching into a religion. It wasn’t. It was just a set of rules to live by. We can still benefit from them. It is never too late.

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