Thursday, 20 November 2014

Reaction versus Proaction

All humans are animals. There is, however, a single trait that distinguishes some humans from the rest of the animal kingdom. And that is the degree of self-awareness.
All animals think. They even store their experiences in their subconscious, even as we do, and have done over countless aeons. Yet there is a very subtle difference that sets some of us apart. Some of us become aware that we are aware. This single trait enables us to become proactive and not just reactive to our environment and conditioning. It does not make us better than animals. We merely become vaguely aware of our own abilities.  
Yet even this limited ability to be proactive gives us enormous power. We become as gods. Or… as devils incarnate.
We alone become capable of committing wholesale murder on members of our own species—such as no other animal would ever do. Yet we think ourselves superior to others; to other animals. We are merely more advanced biological models capable of supporting a greater gamut of experiences. We become aware of our relatively free will.

What until now we recognized as ‘divinity’, as ‘god’, is transmuted to mean the Source of power on which we can draw and use for our own ends. The inexhaustible Source remains non-judgmental, (“the Father judges no one”, John 5:22), infinite in Its potential.
The rest is up to us.
Those who have not reached this stage of self-awareness, Buddha called asleep, and later, Yeshûa called them dead. Both referred to the fact that they were not consciously aware of their potential. Of their incredible power. That was why Yeshûa advocated love as a prerequisite of a being human. It is the balancing force. Hitler and Stalin and a number of contemporary leaders illustrate this point. Devoid of love they all murdered millions.

While still part of the animal kingdom, we no longer have to conform. We can be proactive in all our endeavours. We, as gods, are embodiments of power. We can act according to our will.
We continue, however, to bear consequences, as does the rest of the animal kingdom of our actions. In fact, more so. Other animals cannot act against their nature. If they do, they die. They react to their genetic programming (subconscious) and their environment. We, humans, change our environment and act against the experience and conditioning we have gathered over millions of years.
We have the power to destroy our bodies, our emotions, our minds. We have the power to store in our memories deeds of such perversions, that, after we leave our physical bodies we spend thousand of years in a self-made hell.
We also have the power to create heaven on Earth.
Our choice.
Your choice.  

My three collections of Essays discuss at length the Nature of Being, both reactive and proactive. You might enjoy them.
As always—your choice. 

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