Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Magnificent Robot

There is a strange saying in Mathew 18:20, which baffled me. “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” What could contact with my I AM, with my Higher Self, have to do with “two or three”? Isn’t it a one-on-one communication?
Well, usually it is.
Yet Evelyn Monahan thought otherwise. It takes, she wrote, two or three to do certain things. She took the scriptural sentence as practical advice, and instead of praying in a pew, she acted upon it. Having been blinded for nine years, she invited two or three friends to sit with her and employ a technique of visualization. After years of medical failure, she soon restored her long-gone vision. It took the concentrated effort of “two or three” of her friends, as well as her own, for the “miracle” to happen.
It did.
All who read my blogs/books must have noticed that I do not regard our physical body as the essence of our being. Perhaps an envelope, a means through which we find our expression? Yet it is more than that. It is a sounding board. It tells us if we are on the right track. And what I may have failed to mention was what a magnificent sounding board our body is.
Evelyn Monahan has proven that creative power fulminates within all of us. And while the creative force originates at the highest level of our consciousness, it is only the conscious mind, the aspect of our psyche that the scriptures refer to as the “son of god”, which initiates and conducts the actual creative act. Our physical body, indeed the physical reality, is the “proof of the pudding”. If we do things the right way, our intentions are manifested in the physical universe.
The process is relatively simple.
We “wake up” with an idea. We perceive the pattern (i.e. we think about it), we develop the idea through visualization, and, hopefully… we admire the result. The first phase involves the unconscious, the second the subconscious, and the third we can perceive and admire through our physical senses.
Sometimes we need a little help—hence two or three people visualizing the desired effect accelerate the process. We don’t seem to be aware that we, and we alone, are the sole creators of the magnificent robots we inhabit. We and we alone have spent millions upon millions of years trying to perfect this physical body. We also seem to forget that if something goes awry with our creation we have no one to blame but ourselves.

The creative process is discussed in greater length in Essay #17 [BEYOND RELIGION Vol. 1]. You may find other essays as interesting. They are subtitled “Inquiry Into The Nature of Being”.
Or you can go directly to visualization and start building your own universe. I did and so can you. Enjoy.

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  1. I waited a decent interval this time. Your 'Amuses Bouches' are more nourishing than three courses elsewhere. Clearly I should apply to be apprenticed?

  2. Your subtle nibbles at my amuse-gueules are a delight. I don’t give us hope that one day you’ll succumb to un repas de trois services. I had my chef prepare no less than three of them. That’s nine plates. As always, I’d be happy to invite you.

    PS. What gives you an idea that I speak French?

  3. You live in Montreal. How could you not? I don't, but I love to play with that most civilized tongue. Not so sure about the civilisation of civilized! For emphasis I work out in Deutsche, for subtlety I stick to Shakespeare, for crude humour Afrikaans ( now I shall be assassinated) but for fleeting allusion Italian and music go together. I don't believe we should restrict ourselves to the mother tongue. Les trois services await, but I am plodding through Cathars a moment presant. Je retours bientot.