Thursday, 27 June 2013

You alone can make your World Richer

In my previous blog I stressed the importance of freedom. We need certain rules and regulations but only such as are necessary to assure that our freedom is not at the expense of our neighbour.
The protection of our physical lives is also important. After all, our bodies serve as evidence of how well we conduct our affairs at mental and emotional level in this and our previous lives. The physicians call this genetic predisposition—I call it Karma, as Karma also affects our mental and emotional wellbeing.
This said, let us never forget that the magnificent biological robots we inhabit are still and ONLY our means to an end. We can break Olympic records, develop magnificent physiques, and none of this will help us if our mindset is not right.
What we must never forget is that it is here, on Earth, we are building our heaven. Here we spend say… a 100 years. On the other side of the great divide we often remain for more than, what we’d call on Earth, a 1000 years. Here we are constrained by rules and regulations, there our freedom is absolute—to enjoy or suffer fully the reality we continuously create on Earth. There, in ‘heaven’, we enjoy the results of our thoughts and emotions we indulged in here. Hence, we are gods, the creators of our heaven and earth. Whether it’s heaven or hell on the other side is up to us. We are the sole creators of our states of consciousness—our only reality.

For those who wish to play safe, I offer a suggestion made by Phil Libin, cofounder or Evernote, on Charlie Rose Show. “Make the whole world smarter—one person at a time,” he’d said.
One person at a time.
Few of us are intended to become saviours of the world. Few to become world leaders. Most of us are lucky. All we need do is try to make the world smarter “one person at a time”.
We can offer only that which is unique within us. We can share it with the world in the hope that our unique gift will fall on fertile ground. We don’t even have to stay behind and check if it bore fruit. If we offer to the world that which only we can share, we make the world a richer place. And surely, no more is expected of anyone.
When we accomplish our purpose, we shall enjoy the fruit of our labour for a thousand years or more.  And then we shall come back to enrich the world by our presence once more. And again… and again…

Things happen in our lives that lead us towards the fulfillment of our purpose. One such story is the story of Anne, in the Avatar Syndrome. It wasn’t easy for Anne, but she overcame. So can you. 

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