Saturday, 15 June 2013

Fragility of Life

You are the sole creator of your heaven. You do so in your life here, on earth. Without life there is only stasis. Life means constant, unrelenting change. Life in a dualistic reality is the ongoing workshop in which we build our permanent abode. In which we build what the religions refer to as heaven
We must accept, once and for all, that this life is short, illusory, fragile but also necessary, valuable, and indispensible to enhance our true reality. Without it we would tread water.
The moment we fail to advance the purpose of our physical life—we are terminated. Each time we vacate our physical body we erase memories of the mistakes we made in our immediate past, which enables us to start again with a clean slate. Hence, ‘death’ is equally important as life.
However, the errors we’d made in the physical reality remain in our subconscious.

Contrary to religious teaching, we are never punished by anyone for our mistakes. On the other hand, our actions carry consequences. This is the whole purpose of physical existence—to learn what are the consequences. We are the masters of our destiny. We just have to live with the choices we’ve made in the reality we’ve created. Without physical life we would forever remain in a kindergarten, and never receive even a slightest slap on the wrist.
Thus in heaven, in other words in the reality we’ve created on Earth, we abide in the consequences of our behaviour. There, nothing new ever happens. While all of our past experiences are at our disposal, we cannot add to them. Quite simply, in heaven, we are immortal, that means there is neither beginning nor end. There are just... ‘are’. To help you imagine this, think of being shot dead by a bullet in your dream. It just doesn’t happen, does it? Nor can it happen.
Dreams are our foretaste of heaven. And, as you very well know, some dreams are nicer than others. Some are… nightmares—of our creation.
Here, on the other hand, we suffer from the fragility of life. If we don’t obey the rules, we die. We die in this reality, and return to our permanent home. If our life has been wasted, we return to the stasis with empty hands. If it was positive, if it contributed to the storehouse of our memories, then we’ve enhanced our heaven. Perhaps, in the fullness of time, we’ll decide that we no longer have to go out to enrich our consciousness still more. If so, we shall dissolve our riches and spread them within the infinity of the Single Consciousness, from which we have once emerged to make our contribution. We don't have to do that, of course. We can continue learning. There is no end to the ideas stored in the Unconscious, where everything already exists in its potential form.
You and I can make it real. 

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