Friday, 21 June 2013

Hawking, the Universe, and YOU

The actual question posed by Stephen Hawking was, “Why does the universe go to all the bother of existing.” Certainly it is not a question to which a scientist could possibly have a response. Ergo, if we want to know the answer, we must resort to metaphysics. After all, metaphysics are head and shoulders above physics? In Greek “meta” means “after” or “beyond”. (Like my “Beyond Religion” Series).  Hence the answer is simple.
The universe exists because you are in it.
You and I. All of us.

The universe is the means, not the end in itself. It only serves to illustrate the development of individualized thought processes, or better still, the evolution of consciousness, the only ‘thing’ that is both, the observer and the observed. You, the unit of discernment observes that which you’ve created, including your individualized self.
Since scientists continue to repeat themselves in all matters of science, proclaiming that the “near void” of the physical universe is the only reality, they leave me no choice but to counter them with repeating what is true reality. The answer is:


Your consciousness is the ONLY reality. Everything you see, hear, perceive, imagine, think, create or feel is an expression of your consciousness. Your and my consciousness persists after we vacate our physical bodies. While you and I are here, the Universe is little more than a figment of your and my imagination. As stated so many times before, scientists have proven without a shadow of doubt that whatever we see, touch, taste and experience with any of our physical senses is subjective. It has no objective existence. That physical universe is overwhelmingly empty space. Void. Unless we choose to agree, of course; then, for an instant of eternity, for you and me, it becomes objective. Hence, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 
Life is not a biological infestation. Life is the presence within you, and me, that which is indestructible. It is an expression of that which is inseparable; of that that cannot be torn apart.

Perhaps a little poem I once wrote expresses it better.

When I shall go away, surely––I will remain.
Moving, yet keeping still, on my eternal way.
I shall traverse, lonesome, eons of space and time,
Though they don’t really exist, in the heavenly clime.

When I shall go away, I’ll keep you by my side,
Watching over your own, foolish illusion of life.
Imprisoned in a folly, a sheath of flesh and blood.
Searching for me, within you––my love at a divine flood.

When you grow old and wise you’ll learn that you and I,
Though divided by strange, absurd perception of time,
we were never apart. That since the world began,
Your and my divine essence were always, truly One. 

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