Monday, 24 June 2013

You and the Big Brother

We are lucky. It took longer that George Orwell imagined. Almost 30 years longer! Orwell was the original squealer. Or betrayer? Traitor? Blabbermouth? Double-crosser? Pigeon? Stoolie? Tattler? Tattletale?
If Orwell were to have written the book today, in the UK or the USA, he would have been arrested as traitor. Since Orwell, people in the USA have decided to terrorize themselves. I’m told that in America more than a hundred people die in car crashes every day. That’s more than all road-deaths in the whole of Europe in 24 hours. 
In Boston marathon… 3 died. Once. Three too many.

As for the Big Brother, this is the story of Peter and Paul all over again. The Governments look after the physical welfare of their citizen, leaving Peter to look out for himself. They look for evil coming from outside, ignoring the evil within. Obviously, they hope to protect the physical lives of many. Peter can fend for himself. What they don’t know is that Peter would rather be crucified upside down than give up the freedoms upon which the greatest country on Earth had been built.
Today, the government’s concern is the illusory reality wherein everybody spies on everybody else. They have no idea that we are immortal and don’t need their protection. They look after the many, who, like themselves are ignorant of Truth.

Just to bring us up to date, Big Brother is the enigmatic dictator of Oceania, an imaginary totalitarian State wherein the ruling Party wields absolute power over its inhabitants.
Guess which State, today, has more people in jail than any other on Earth? Which State spies on its own citizen more than any other? Which State manufactures more arms than the next dozen States put together? Would that be what George Orwell meant by totalitarian?
A great American, William James Duran, said: “It may be true that you can’t fool all the people all the time, but you can fool enough of them to rule a large country.”

George Orwell wrote his SF book, “Nineteen Eighty-Four”, in 1949 in the hope that such a dystopian State could never happen on the face of our planet. He was anti extremes of either left or right. He didn’t like the direction in which we were going.
Did we listen?
It seems that even now there are those amongst us who don’t understand that some of us would rather die free, than live, safely, under the protection of a multibillion-dollar spying umbrella. That it is our spirit that must remain free, not our body.
The meaning of freedom is elusive.

The struggle of what is good for some and good for many is as old as the story of Peter and Paul. You can see for yourself, and let me know what you think. 


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