Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Real Purpose

Ultimately, we are here but for one purpose. We must learn to make this reality as malleable as the reality of our dreams. If physical realization can only take place through the intercession of a conscious mind, then we hadn’t created the world (reality) we live in. According so some, it had been imagined by Elohim, better known as gods, or intelligent entities who are perhaps millions, possibly billions of years ahead of us in the evolution of their consciousness.
At our present stage of evolution we are still in a destructive mode of existence. We don’t create our world, it’s mostly already there, or here, but we tend to destroy it. If enough people put their minds to it, we can kill 60 million in a single war. We’ve done it in WWII. We blame Hitler for it, but without participations of many he couldn’t have done it. We have the power to do so again. And with the nukes we are hiding from public opinion, we can put an end to the human kind at a press of a button.
Until recently, science of astrophysics claimed that we live in an expanding universe resulting from a “big bang”. Everything, they said, must have its beginning and its end. Only they’ve run out of matter to give the universe sufficient gravitational pull to, ultimately, cause a “big crunch”. Did they give up? No! They began making up black matter, then black energy, all invisible and very much like the stuff we hear from any pulpit in any church, equally as lost in search of reality we live in. Did they find it?
The concept of beginning and end holds true as regards the illusory universe we make up with our imagination. In other words, it is true only of the material, or physical reality. It is not true of our true selves, of our consciousness, indeed of any consciousness that precedes ours. In a way, there is only One Consciousness, and we, past and present, are merely individualizations of it. All great masters and mystics knew that.
Regardless of any of the above, even more recently, our illustrious scientists decided that there are more dimensions than the original three + time (quantum mechanics lately talk of eleven) and, lo and behold, there are many universes. In fact, possibly they say, an infinite number of them. They now call it the Multiverse.
Boys will be boys.

If you really want to know how universes are created read my Elohim—Masters & Minions, Book Two of the Winston Trilogy. There may be other ways, but, well, to each his own. You might think of a better way of course. If you do, let me know. So when your time comes, you’ll be ready to create your universe. That alone is your purpose—it is the only universe you’ll ever live in. In fact, it already is, only few of us seem aware of it.

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