Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Are You in the Likeness of God?

Ignorance is no longer bliss. When others had been paid to think for us, paid handsomely, we obeyed. Alas, all good things come to an end. Nothing lasts forever. No organization has been created unto the likeness of god, hence be immortal. We have. You and I. And sooner of later we must begin to act like gods. Independent. Thinking for ourselves. Accept responsibility for our actions. Blame no one for our misfortunes.
It won’t be easy.
Yet, all power always comes to an end. Political, economical, military, hereditary, and yes, even religious powerhouses—will fall. Every single one of them. They ALWAYS do. Nothing, nothing at all, in this reality is permanent. Nothing endures forever except for that which is within us. The intangible. The seemingly ethereal. Yet, the only reality that sustains us—a reality which many of us don’t even accept that it exists.
And so, all giants will fall—individual and corporate. For quite a while there will be chaos. Anarchy. This too will pass.
Many will find this truth inconvenient. Yet it is quite unavoidable. And the change, no matter how painful, is implicit in our reality. Rather like a toothache that results from a rotten root. It must be pulled out. Our only anesthetic is knowledge. Only the truth will set us free. We can avoid the pain by being prepared.

We shall witness the destruction of the old to make room for the new. This is called the Pluto Effect. It makes room for a better world, as different from the world today as ours is from the world of 2000 years ago.
Most think that we have evolved. I’m not so sure. Our technology enables us to stop thinking; to stop working. Soon robots will do the work for us, many already do.  Imagine, the previous pope said that work is our punishment for the original sin. For me work is the most ennobling activity I can think of. It is the reward for biting into Eve’s apple.
Yet, our world is crumbling.
All who have eyes and the courage to face the truth can see that. Every spring, Arab or otherwise, will be followed by the doldrums of summer, and go on to wither and die, eventually, under a blanket of snow.
Only then we shall rise again. We shall rise to a new and glorious world in which we shall begin to act like adults. So you see, we have nothing to worry about. Our future is a bright as the spring, the real spring, which will sprout new consciousness throughout the whole world. And gradually we shall all contribute to a new Earth, and new Heaven. Soon you’ll be able to read about it in Pluto Effect. But until it’s published try the Headless World. It’s yet another way that the world can change for the better.
Or… we shall screw things up. Again.
But, as always, it will be up to us. 

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