Monday, 29 September 2014

Power - Delusions we cherish.

According to Baruch Spinoza to define God is to deny God. He’s right, of course. We all suffer from delusions. We think God is good and Satan is bad. Not so. We are good or bad. God is neutral. Yet, as Lao Tzu said, Tao is always on the side of the just man.
There’s a problem.
We must decide what defines ‘just’.
We can start by observing the functioning of the Universe, duly noting that the physical universe is illusory, what our friends in the East call Maya. We must dig deeper. So who/what created the reality we live in?
We are the god-creators.
Each one of us is a state of consciousness, which is immovable and unchangeable. The individualized consciousness is inseparable from the Omnipresent Consciousness, which is the Creative Source. Its power is required to convert the potential into the manifested reality. 
We have that power. This singular power is what makes us gods. Nothing else.
Hence, “Ye are gods.”

This creative power is what defines gods. Plural—as Elohim in the Bible.
Once we become aware of this power, we begin our conscious evolutionary climb. We learn that power can be used for both good and evil ends.
Essentially, all that enhances the totality (even through diversity) is good. All that detracts from it is bad. Omnipresent Benevolence, equips us with immortality then… leaves us on our own. Bombardment of meteorites, volcanic eruptions, tornados, tsunamis and other global cataclysms that lately we see in great abundance are ample proof of this.
We experiment, we learn. We live (a short while) with the consequences of our decisions.

Reality functions according to Universal Laws. Some call these Laws Science, some God, some Nature. The name is immaterial.  It is important to note that Omnipresent Benevolence is characterized by the tendency to restore and sustain a state of balance.

As we acquire more power and learn how to use it, we become ‘good’ or ‘bad’, according to our will (or latent ignorance). Hence gods can be both, good and bad, though the Source, the Infinite Potential, remains eternally neutral. The Laws (including Karma) take care of restoring and maintaining the balance. Hence, the Single Source must remain neutral to afford us free will. The Power lies within us. Good or bad.

The truth is within us. It is up to us to rediscover it, accept it, and then do the best we can with it. In time we become more powerful gods. We acquire the power to kill millions—or to save them. No matter what power we wield, eventually we ALWAYS bear the consequences of our thoughts, which result in actions. The ignorance of law is no excuse for breaking it.
Hence, divinity is neither good nor bad, but It is what the opposites have in common, thus sustaining a state of balance. Only such balance assures Immortality. Therein lies Infinite Power, and we are the only gods that exercise it.
There are many other delusions we cherish.

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