Saturday, 4 October 2014

Reality—on Subjective and Objective Perception.

Your world and my world are, well… worlds apart. That which we share is objective reality. The rest is subjective. When you and I die (vacate our physical bodies), we return to the subjective reality we have created not only during the immediately preceding lifetime, but to a reality of memories we have accumulated since the moment of the individualization of our consciousness.
We are immortal, but not necessarily as individualized entities. In a few trillion years we might decide that we have accumulated enough memories to spend the rest of our existence gallivanting through them. We can ‘replay’ our favourite memories, employing all our enhanced senses, an endless number of times. Or, which is more likely, we might decide to merge once again with the Source from which we emerged (individualized). If we do, we shall enrich the potential for all still individualized entities to draw on for aeons to come. After all, in essence, we always remained One.
As there is neither beginning nor end to the omnipresent consciousness, its indescribable richness is unimaginable. As it is infinite, hence is also unknowable.
How do I know all this?
I don’t?
The awareness I am sharing with you is, however, the subjective image of my reality—the product of some 70 years of daily contemplation in this life, and perhaps a million times as many in my previous incarnations. If you choose to agree with my postulates, then for us, for you and me, my image will become objective. It just takes two or three of us to make it so. Together we shall enrich our heaven.
Isn’t it fun?

I mentioned before that both space and time are illusory concepts. They belong to an imaginary, transient, ephemeral reality. Even if you accept your subjective reality as real, both you and I are immortal in the singularity of NOW.
The eternal, wondrous, intangible, enchanting NOW.
By definition, infinity has neither beginning nor end. We are the Observers of transient realities we create as they move through time and space, eternally, in the ephemeral bliss of Becoming.
Welcome to my world. 

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  2. Bozena managed to transfer the title and the URL of my blog to her blog, from which it directs the viewer back to my blog. Ah, yes.
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