Thursday, 23 October 2014

Lucid Dreaming—Gateway to Your Subconscious

Most of us, without conscious awareness, had experienced Lucid Dreams. The Internet is full of explanations of what they are. Those explanations may be true for some, but for me lucid dreams are little more than the Antechamber of Heaven.
Yes. Your own, personal, heaven—a reality of your own making. After all, you can dream whatever you want. No limits. None at all.
I choose to call Lucid Dreams the “Antechamber of Heaven” because there is no limit on the states of consciousness you can achieve. We start with, what some call Astral World. It is a realm, a state of consciousness, wherein imagination is an added dimension. From there on we advance (and multiply the dimensions) until we eventually reunite with the original Source from which we emerged.
There is but single Consciousness.
We all create and enrich our heavens, our states of consciousness, in which we accept only that which we perceive as real. Considering that the material world is essentially empty space, this should come as no surprise.
Hence… lucid dreaming.

We spend a third of our life sleeping and dreaming. By the time we reach 60, we’d spent 20 years in slumber. As consciousness never sleeps, we missed out on 20 years. 
When we dream, we enter the realm of our subconscious. Billions upon billions of years of memories are stored there. We gain access to them, and can relive them at will. We can walk through walls, fly like a bird, swim like a fish. Even more so. Since once we had been disembodied entities (before “god gave us skins”), we can visit other planets, galaxies, realities in a timeless reality. We alone place limitations on our heaven.
There are no limitations on infinity.
In lucid dreams we can experiment. Our choices depend on our accumulated knowledge, on our willingness to enter realms that seem unknown. Make no mistake about it. Heaven is for the intrepid soldiers of fortune that dare to venture into the unknown. The seemingly unknown. We’ve been there before but without present awareness.
We’ve grown. Evolved?  
Lucid dreams are ours to explore. However, we must learn the rules, the laws, governing inner realities. If you don’t close your eyes when you walk through walls, you get a nasty bump on your head. Yes, even in lucid dreams. Our consciousness responds to our senses—wonderful, enhanced senses. There was a time when people, some people, knew that. Now… it all seems lost in the antiquity.
No more!
We can learn lucid dreaming, wherein we enter the true realities we’ve created over eons of existence. In dreams we enter our true kingdoms.

In my Aquarius Trilogy, consisting of “WALL—Love, Sex, and Immortality”, followed by the “PLUTO EFFECT”, and the “OLYMPUS” below, Simon Jones struggles to achieve the understanding this very reality, in which we all enjoy our becoming. Eventually he succeeds. If you read the Trilogy, so might you. Good luck. 

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