Monday, 27 October 2014

The Mystery of Water

Someone once said that divinity is like water, that it always finds its lowest level. So it is with us, fragments of the eternal, omnipresent Consciousness.
Imagine a drop in an ocean. An ocean that reaches beyond all horizons. An ocean that is limitless—that stretches to infinity. Once, you and I were drops of water in that ocean. We’ve never experienced anything other than water, caressing us on all sides. We floated happily without a single care. For countless aeons we could only experience other drops, hovering, suspended all around us. And then a strange thing happened. We have been lifted, almost weightless, from our home. We evaporated.
For a while we wandered the blue yonder above, experiencing the warmth of the sun, gusts of wind. We have become rarified elements, suspended in an environment quite strange to us. No matter, there have been many before us visiting these environs.
Soon we combined, again, into drops. We gained weight and fell down as rain. Now really strange things began to unfold.
We penetrated the soil. Soon, we were absorbed by strange tendrils. Some of us were drawn up, through inner channels of these strange beings. Some of us rose up and gave leaves their vitality.
We gave them Life!
Gradually, over eons of time, rivers carried some of us back to the endless ocean. Some of us lingered behind. We evaporated again. We liked giving Life. Again, we have been absorbed by many plants.
And then an even stranger thing happened.
Even as we imbued Life to those plants, they were absorbed into absolute darkness. Over millions of years, we discovered that we have been assimilated by two legged biological robots. Soon, we formed 60% of their bodies. We concentrated our presence in an organ they called ‘brain’, in which we took over 75% of its volume. It helped us to control the robots.

After a long while some of the robots imagined that they were autonomous. They didn’t even know that they were robots kept alive by our presence. They called themselves humans.
Most of them still delude themselves that they are supreme creations of divine origin, masters of their own fate. Very few of them identify with the Life-Force within them. With us. No, not with water, but we the Life-Force that resides within us. Frankly, the Force is omnipresent ever on the look out for means of expressing Itself.
We, drops, are but the means; the cycle of Life ever coming and going, ever changing, becoming a new expression of Life, only to eventually return home. To the infinity of the Ocean.
In the Ocean we find our Being. Up there, beyond, we experience Becoming. It is the trip that matters—the eternal, magnificent journey of Life. It may be little more than a dream, but it’s a most wonderful illusion.
I see other drops smiling…
As we look back, we see that humans entertain many other illusions.

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  1. Well done. Did you notice this? or watch this? Who would fail to be in love with intelligent water?

  2. Thanks, Philippa. No I don't. When I have a minute, I'll look them up.

  3. I have re-blogged this today on . Hope you approve of keeping my post refreshed after all that promotion.

  4. In your next life, when you are a man, you will be a Scholar and a Gentleman. In this life a Lady Scholar is a rare and a delightful treat indeed. Thanks again and every success with your novel.

  5. In the failure of a computer ( sometimes a relief I find) your tribute much appreciated. Back to the Novella!