Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Centripetal Force

Darwinian evolution is little more than the effect of centrifugal force. There is also ‘real’ evolution, but such remains the province of mystics and saints, although it has absolutely nothing to do with any religion.
A paradox?

The centrifugal force sets us apart—centripetal draws us together. This applies to physical, emotional and mental realms. The physical is obvious—it stops our planet from smashing into the sun.
By contrast, in purely physical sense, the centripetal force stops us from flying off into the cold void of space.  The same holds true of the emotional and mental realities. It holds us together. Emotionally, we know this force as love. On mental plane the key is philosophy. After all, philosophy means the love of wisdom, and wisdom is a perfect blend of love and knowledge.
Yet, on all planes, balance must be maintained.
Hence, all that separates, or tends to separate us, is part of the centrifugal force. Without it, taking all into consideration, we would collapse into a black hole that swallows all the light. And light is knowledge.
Yet these forces exist on every plane of becoming, with the centripetal being more powerful than the centrifugal. It accounts for both the rotation and the holding together of solar systems and galaxies rather than having various clamps of matter scattered haphazardly all over otherwise empty space. Likewise, whatever we do, ultimately the centripetal force, being the most powerful force in the universes, will restore our Oneness.
In essence, love is an expression of centripetal force.
Hence, we begin to understand the real meaning of love. It is that which restores Oneness on all planes of perception. The Singularity of Consciousness.

There is one other matter that ensues from this premise. The farther we move away from the centre, the more we lose touch with the concept of Oneness. In the physical sense, evolution is due to increased complexity necessary for survival as we drift away from the source of life. But as physical survival is, by definition, transient or even illusory, it follows that primitive animals are much closer to the Edenic state of consciousness from which humans have departed so long ago.
However, once we become fully aware of this separation, we can enjoy the complexities of physical evolution while retaining awareness of our true nature. ‘Real’ evolution leads to increased awareness of the individualized consciousness being inseparable from the Omnipresent Oneness. Of being all ONE.

If not….
Since each one of us, at the level of our consciousness, is immortal, sooner or later we shall all accept this maxim. Consequently, our creativity will increase beyond our wildest imagination. However, for as long we evolve in dualistic reality, we must never forget that divinity hovers in the perfect balance between the two opposing forces. It is our job to maintain this balance in our lives.
Good luck.

PS. Women, being motivated by their subconscious more so than men, have greater creative potential than men. However, they use up their ‘advantage’ on physical plane through procreation.

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