Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Homo Sapiens - Embodiment of Intelligence?

I wonder why most people find the concept of Oneness so difficult to accept. Latest reports from scientists claim that there are 8.7 million species. We need more accountants as, apparently, “cataloguing them all could take more than 1,000 years”. Though I’m neither an accountant nor a statistician, by my reckoning, probably double that number still hides in the depth of the oceans.

In 1935 Alexis Carrel wrote that “L’Homme, cet inconnu”. For me, man remains an unknown entity to this day. And yet, no matter how much we enjoy murdering each other out of greed, in wars, or just dropping bombs from 30,000 feet up in the air, nobody disputes that we, Homo sapiens, are a single species. Though we kill an astounding number of men and women, with the exception of some quasi-religious zealots, almost no one denies that we kill our own kind. Of course, when we exterminate other species that’s perfectly all right, because none of the others have been created “unto the image and likeness of god”. They don’t matter at all…
But we are different. We are “Wise Men”. That’s what Homo sapiens means in Latin. We, supreme species, above all others. Yea! Über Alles?

Imagine how different the world would be if we were to recognize that not our bodies are part of a single species, but our consciousness. That a single intelligence is trying, so desperately, to manifest through our bodies. That our consciousness, not our bodies is One. A Single Intelligence manifesting through near-infinite diversity of forms.
We’d probably have to include at least some of the 8.7 million other species in this equation, of course. Or we might become 8,700,001. All One, single intelligence manifesting, as best IT can, through all means available to IT. And then we would add all the, as yet unknown, extraterrestrial species to this Singularity of Consciousness. All different, all striving to comprehend this elusive, intangible, yet strangely euphoric Oneness.
Just imagine…
I firmly believe that in time, perhaps a few trillion years or so, we shall begin to feel this Oneness. Instead of killing each other we might cooperate to reach greater understanding of the infinite diversity of creation. Our thoughts will create universes beyond our wildest imagination. Worlds of near-infinite beauty. Of singularity of Mind, or Love…
We would all become ONE.

And there is more. Having achieved this evolutionary level we would know without the slightest shadow of doubt that this creative zeal of ours would never end. That ever-new ideas would flow from the Source of Infinite Potential (the Unconscious), waiting to be manifested in equally as infinite number of transient realities. After all, only the creative act is the manifestation of Life. The rest is just a consequence.
There’s no hurry.  
After all, as gods, we are all immortal. We must prepare to accept our heritage. It is waiting within us to be discovered. Within you and me—within every single one of us. 

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